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ELEMENTS SHOWCASE Beauty/Makeup/ Skincare Highlights Part 2

Tenth Ave./NYC

Ellis Faas, Jane Scrivner, Kjaer Weis, Portland General Store, Susanne Kaufmann 

Smaller brands of skincare can get overlooked in our mass marketed world-but some of our favored products to use-are made by Asian and European based companies that have limited distribution, anywhere.

From a nifty company based in Queens- BSQ International- a table full of niche brands from overseas were on display.

Susanne Kaufmann-from Germany-is a natural-herb/botanically oriented collection of bath/beauty products for men, women and children-and is quite popular in her native country. We actually got acquainted with the label on our last trip to Europe---which unfortunately did not include a stay at the affiliated- luxurious Hotel Post Bezau.  (sign).

Susanne Kaufmann-Bath Oils...
Natural oils-and their embedded healing properties-whether sourced from fruits, plants or homeopathic ingredients (arnica, St. John's Wort…), are growing more popular here-with the realization that the skin can absorb up to 90%-of what's applied straight on it as moisturizers, cleansers ---or in a bath for restorative/regenerating purposes. As Ironman competitors-we are big believers in the effective healing powers of a steamy soaking hot bath bumped up with Epsom salts and lavender oil…so... do not doubt for a sec-the MO of Susanne Kaufmann's product line.
Nourishing Cleanser -Jane Scrivener…below-Alti-White from Swiss Alps-melanin/dark spots faded without the harsh chemicals or parabens

New to us is the extensive line of skincare products and body bath oils-by Jane Scrivner…a Warwickshire UK based industry veteran-who also sources natural-often organic ingredients for her face and body collection.

And what we have tried so far is absolutely fabulous…the Nourishing Cleanser-with the texture of a glossy lip balm-that surprisingly- easily goes on one's face (like a nickel size, tops)-and -when mixed with water-easily massages in and gets off grime and waterproof makeup-thoroughly-leaving behind a moisturized skin-that is not greasy at all.

Made from organic jojoba oil and essential oils-Ylang Ylang, Elemi, Eucalptus, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Lavender, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Sweet Orange…the Nourishing Cleanser comes packaged with a white mitt and tiny scoop for the right amount ($75)---we had a sample size jar which we finished already. Reminded us of the popular Eve Lom's cleanser…a compliment, fyi.  

Portland General Store-from Maine…embraces organic and natural ingredients-with a new  women's collection of hair/body products, often handsomely (simply) packaged in vintage inspired bottles/jars. Pictured above-on the left-the multi-tasking Doe Organic Shampoo and Body Bar $22---gentle enough for both-- with organic ingredients like macadamia nut, shea butter, calendula infused sunflower oil and a blend of aromatic essential oils including Jasmine and Neroli.
In the  middle-is a long lasting jar of Pearl Organic Cold Cream $60. We had to ask how to use cold cream-we vaguely remembered those Nozema ads from our infancy. It's a thickish cleanser ---and a little goes a long way.

A few years back-we made the acquaintance of a new makeup line by seasoned industry artist ELLIS FAAS-with the most distinctive delivery system ever---a hefty signature metal pen device (holder and clip belt sold separately)-that dispensed the highly pigmented signature Ellis Faas RED lipstick-based on the color of blood.
Skin Veil Foundation is also sold in a bottle $90. Eight shades-that we tried too- customizing our skin tone with the two lightest ones-what we really liked is that it went over our dry skin parts as well as our oily t-zone-with long lasting slightly more than sheer  coverage-perfect for daylight-and no doubt-layerable- for those intense HD Cameras.

NOW-it is a full collection-including - eye colors, eyeliners, mascaras, foundations and hydrating -anti-aging concealers-in addition to more lip options (36 colors) in---and this is so smart- "creamy (most like traditional lipstick feel),milky (a lighter feel) or glazed (a non-sticky highly pigmented gloss)" textures- depending on the finish one wants…

pretty cool-like a magazine of bullets for the glam set...

The Silk Veil Foundation pen ($65)-comes with two cartridges…and there's a Ellis Case for compact powder refills.

 This refillable option-we'd like to see--- in the entire collection. 


KJAER WEIS-designed her entire collection based on a refillable option from day one. Eco and gorgeous too=sustainable luxury…with no parabens, silicone, petrochemical emulsifiers,or synthetic fragrances used--and gluten free too. In fact-there's an ingredient 411 on the website -that is most informative. 

AND Kjaer Weis is one of the very very few brands of makeup/skincare sold in the USA-that comes right out and says what the shelf life of a product is ---and when opened too-the life span. We are always asking this question.

The graphically logo-ed compacts-are fairly hefty in weight---and are sized for the brand's high end foundation that goes on easily, eye colors, cream blush, mascara (new)- and yippy-duo/trio gift sets.

refillable mascara-tube...


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