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Backstage Beauty TIMO WEILAND #NYFW A/W 2014-Nails-Zoya, MakeUp-MAC Cosmetics

haaaa yes you did

runway pics-Zoya

Streetwear chic-wearable anywhere seperates-casual luxury at its best---Timo Weiland's RTW for Fall 2014 will please the faithful and we suspect -entice a whole new customer base-just discovering this Ecco Domani winning label.

Claudine-$9 a black grey opaque metallic---great color
Rebecca Isa-Zoya's Creative Director,  Timo Weiland, Erin Giddings -of Zoya

ZOYA NAILS-five free polishes in the colors and finishes that number in the 100s----had the models wearing a sophisticated Claudine-a pearly warm grey-a color that looked good on all of the skin tones walking the runway.

Zoya's Anchor Base Coat---and ultra glossy polish extending Zoya Armor-under and over…sealed the deal. Tip: We have been using just these two products the past two weeks ---without additional polish...and found them to be really protective of our nails that get assaulted by chlorine pool water, dishwashing liquid, and general urban living. Nice.

a trio of other colors-creamy brownish burgundy  Sam, smoky blue teal Cynthia and creamy nude beige (with hints of pink) Taylor-matched the palette of the clothes...

depending on skin tone- Claudine nail polish looked cooler or warmer-intersting

Nice about this shade-it's Red Carpet ready and/or casual… a neutral for nails

Romero Jennings and MAC Cosmetics gave the models a "TOMBOY PRETTY" very natural look-flawless skin, soft illuminating pink eye shadow, defined brows, neutral lips.
Studio Finish Concealer where needed, Radiant Rose Highlighter Pen, Studio Careblend Pressed Powder, Mascara, Stormy Pink Longwear Paint Pot (not out yet), Lip Conditioner-with StudioFinish Concealer followed by Myself Lipstick completed the look

What was used---where. Started with Mineralize Charged Water Revitalizing Energy Gel-sooths and adds radiance to skin. Romero Jennings remarked to us at the Rolando Santana show-using the correct brushes=key! His instructions come with which ones to use.

eyebrows-defined with pencil-if needed

and brushed up-clean look

#219 brush applied the Storm Pink eyeshadow

Jennings-uses a store bought light to better see what the models will look like on the runway-versus the yellow tint of the backstage area

Longwear Paint Pot in Storm Pink


pressed powder gets rid of shine

Storm Pink looks even better on darker skin tones ...

Multi-tasker Amit Abraham worked with Joseph Dimaggio-representing One Styling-a South Korean backed hair tools company that is launching big time here. We have been to enough makeup/hair trade shows to know that Seoul is the new Paris-when it comes to skincare/beauty breakthroughs-especially gadget wise.

this amazing hair clip-holds/grabs tresses like nothing else on the market. It's patented like everywhere…though no doubt-will be reversed engineered---just like all the Apple products

Joe Dimaggio-takes his time blow drying hair straight-Nozzle of the dryer pointed down.

One Styling team
we got a lesson why a blowdryer is worth $240…beginning with the switch which is designed to last around 200-3000 clicks for the pro models. ..and something called Ceramic Sphere technology -purified the airflow, removing CO2-activates water molecules ---keep hair from being dried out frazzled, minimizes damage…and an Ionic Intel™ System generates positive or negative ionic output … better interaction with water or products on hair…faster drying time and/ or enhances styling testament for a beneficial effect. Win WIn.