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Tokyo's Design school-Vantan returned to NYFW with a new partner, the Japanese department store Parco…supporting six emerging designers... a combo of students/working fashion professionals. We always like going to these kind of runway shows-as the collections tend to push artistic concept a bit more than retail focused outings. 

PLUS-the energy and cultures of the area... really do come through- with distinct Asian points of view meshed in with a global appeal. Very 21st century.

Highlights included:
VIANAD ViVi joanne Anais dorsbien by Suzuki Mark (Vantan Design Institute)
ViVijoanne and Anais.  Elegant and sweet fictional sisters are based on an imaginary scene from a romance movie.  The feeling of dreaming a story translates to the feeling of wearing a story; a brand in which garments transform women dramatically.
AUSTIN. W by Tzu-Yun Wu (Taiwan)
Calm, cool, and neutral tones with a touch of futuristic gray marks the image of this brand. I create infinite possibilities through digital prints that appear every season, combining sophisticated silhouettes with simplicity.
HANG by Mim Mak (Hong Kong)
Founded in 2012, Hang presents a collection of stark blacks and winter whites focused on shapes.  Raw edges and sheen are paired with graceful hemlines that articulate movement.
is by Kishimoto Akiko (Vantan Design Institute)
Designs reminiscent of dancing under the moonlight.  Luxury clothes in leathers, wools and silks, shine in the dark. Rock is the root of the brand that emulates hard elegance.
R-SHEMISTE by Won Ji Yeun (Korea)
Modern, innovative combinations of fabric and textile, accentuate the unique quality of materials.
SEi by Sei Yumiko (Vantan Design Institute)
Haute couture knitwear.  “Fascinate the you in yourself. I will give you the one and only seam - the seam that links you to yourself.”  Remember more; imagine more. If you have what it takes to throw it all away, dare to be wilder. This had the fantastic feel of a Mrs. Havisham...mixed in with all those pastel colors. Very fun.

About Asia Fashion Collection (AFC)
AFC, an incubation project that seeks to evolve the fashion industry across Asia, is produced and supported by Vantan and PARCO, in cooperation with leading industry organizations: Korean Fashion Association, Taiwan Textile Federation and Hong Kong Trade Development Council.