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#NYFW PETER SOM BACKSTAGE Zoya NAILS/Mac Cosmetics MAKEUP/Wella Professionals HAIR A/W 2014

View to 2nd floor of West 15th Street's Milk Studios-where the Peter Som RTW show took place... from West 14th St. A little humor goes a long way

ZOYA NAILS, MAC Cosmetics, WELLA Professionals


The spacious setup at Milk Studios ---had loads of black clad types-getting already gorgeous models ready for fashion designer Peter Som's "English Girl With A Modern South Of Frnce Twist-60s/70s inspiration…" A/W 2014.

The Zoya Nail polishes used were custom designed for Peter Som's A/W 2014 collection. "Modern color-blocking" nails take awhile to polish on…with three warm undertones tones---via hints of the pewter shade-in the black and tad beige-y pewter in the white polish…cinnamon undertones we were told.

 First the nail beds were painted with the glossy beigy-white polish, then black half moons at the base...

A stripe swiped- of pewter polish on the side-with the beige-white on the other…then clear coat…finished the look….

The warm tones of the nail polish works on all skin tones, we thought...

MAC Cosmetic's acclaimed Tom Pecheux designed the makeup.

When Tom Pecheux -of MAC Cosmetics spoke-people listened
shiny eyelids (via gloss-along lower lash line too -w/white pearl eye gloss Fall 2014 ) added a sparkling bad girl element to the strong cat's eye-neutral lip look

most of these products-available now with the exception of some eye shadows according to Mac person we asked

in the crease…great all around palette-for all skin tones

Siss lipstick applied directly from the tube
tilt head back-easier to get at the roots of lashes…add curl without using a curler-Haught and Naughty mascara
cheeks had a warm glow-Dandelion Powder blush

Wella Professionals 
whoever needed 'em…got them
Eugene Souliman-crafted an 60's Parisian vibe- 

classic look-side part, height at the crown-long tresses-silky smooth and shiny----with flip at the ends.
photobooth-in case anyone needed another selfie