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Part 2

                                                              SUMMER SIPS:
ROSÉ Season!!!

Portugal is poppin'-as a second hone+vacay destination...and earning a great rep for its wine in addition to its signature cork that goes on top...

Sips of the mineral-delicately black peppery- acidic Rosé Vulcânico-courtesy of the deep volcanic black basalt soil of the Portuguese archipelago -AZORES (Pico island)...conjures up summer breezes, long sunny days at the beach, sunlight outdoor deck parties. Easy to drink (and now)...this thirst quenching wine pairs particularly well with salty snacks, Asian eats, grilled veggies +fresh fish/seafood.


(it's almost-or already there...)

New Products That Help Celebrate Snowmelts, Uncovered Grills,  Aromatic BBQ Al Fresco, and Backyard Fun...

Part 1: The Eats

Upgraded Condiments:

FYI -fair warning-one tablespoon of ANY Traina ketchup -rich savory offerings -courtesy of 3lbs of tomatoes-in each bottle (!!!!)-will have you ditch those mass market- really red bottles-straight into recycling.

It's almost like a re-invented condiment staple.

Transitional Sandal Season Solved

Weather alternating between snowy slush and really Spring?

For those warm moments- suede/leather sandals in  3 (or 4) season colors-like mustard yellow, brick red,  navy, or camel brown aka luggage-shades well with wear whatever flowy black outfit or denim wardrobe staple one wears.

Our fav-by BERNARDO -have southwestern flavored triangle embroidered details on the uppers-in a walk all day 1" block heel (GABI) leather elegant take on a thong...or peep-toe suede 3" wooden heel statement maker (HARPER).


A recent Puerto Rico Ironman 70.3-had us appreciating (experiencing) the clean ocean waters.

Which is partially why we heart big time...that plastic bottles -retrieved and recycled by non-profit Parley For The Oceans- end up as uppers in the continuing popular collaboration with the sport-performance-fashion giant,  Adidas. 
(Other reasons-comfort, good looks, functional).

The snazzy looking Parley kicks' collection has sold over a million-and counting. New Spring additions for ADIDAS OUTDOORS- feature quick dry climacool® woven uppers made from recycled yarns and outsoles boasting the brand's grippy Traxion®or Stealth® rubber outsoles (in Boat and Voyager $90-$120 ). 
Great Pacific Garbage Patch-world's largest mass of ocean garbage-now 2x the size of Texas

Fashionable Performance Sunglasses

Eyes were made for the shade...blocking out sunlight/bluelight rays are a must these days (ha ha and nights, maybe)- for short-long term vision health.
TOP PICKS: NATIVE Eyewear and COSTA Del Mar-style-wise-and like so many other accessories (footwear)-the shapes+trims are fashionable with performance elements. All are lightweight, made from durable materials, offer super sharp vision-color accuracy...and bonus points- affordable and made with sustainably minded companies.

Skincare Trends...

The most recent NYC IBS tradeshow for spa professionals highlighted non-invasive skincare trends.
For at home users-the  proliferation of FDA approved beauty tools available...and salon only brands-being sold on Amazon or direct to consumer also lined the aisles...


HAIR TRENDS: Rainbow Hues

IECSC N.Y. Tradeshow-Javits Center

Besides ear-splitting backbeats, we can always count on the latest hair trends-and the companies that make the products to get the looks-to show up at the annual March hair+spa- jam packed with humans, tradeshow.
Noticeable-multi-hues-multi-strands + barbershop artistic hair styles-unisex and multi-cultural neck-up statements.
Rainbow lovely locks---ramp up single saturated shades -a harkening back to 1980's London punchy punk scene that celebrates all genders/types of hair. FFFUUUUUNNNN!!!!

TO KEEP TRUE COLORS trust-worthy:
Sulfate free, rich ingredients' hair care products are musts. IMO-the best of the bunch- are usually made by smaller, still privately owned, cruelty free (no animal testing) hair care companies who don't compromise on ingredients in order to churn out stock market-like profit margins.

New to us...

Keratin Complex®...refs the building blocks of gorgeous tresses in their name...and accordingly, have a slew of widely a…

HEALTHY KID SNACKS- They'll Prefer. Promise.

HEALTHY kids snacks are NOW more appealing-to kids!!!!

Cleaner ingredients combined with fun packaging helps the bigger humans seal the deal when it comes to good-for-them nutritious eats.

AHHHH-so retro-no one should eat like this...

Our fav eating grabs -worthy of little and big hands ...