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A coveted secret of footwear addicts...and well know performance outsole musts for outdoor enthusiasts... Vibram's rubber soles are unique (patented) takes on the best underfoot protection...

via GIPHY fyi-shoes aren't heated...

...acclaimed for durability, protective, cushioning abilities- and grab appeal (the latest-Arctic Grip-is practically a 'miracle on ice')... but are also fashion statements. 

imPRESS Gel NAILS-Flaunt Fav Team Colors

Limited Editions by Fashion Designer Christian Siriano Adds To Nail Art Line-Up
We really love how two of our favs- fashion designer Christian Siriano and manicurist Gina Edwards (who has a slew of amazing editorial credits too-we read the fine print in those glossies)...managed to synch up during NYFW to celebrate the aforementioned ten years in the biz!

With the opulence and  elegance-inspired by late 18th century British Art that hangs in the Queen's Gallery of Buckingham Palace... Siriano's Fall 2018 fashion collection-ALSO heralded the launch of Christian Siriano limited edition imPress Nails' seven beautiful deep tones -and exotic designs that flatter all skin tones. Available now too.

FANCY FLATBREADS-Primizie Reinvents w/ Bold Flavors

Olympic viewing party gives way to the March Oscars' soirées -where the food bites get elevated ... right alongside those glam Red Carpet outfits.
Suggestions for a fancy finger food feast?
We were all set to conjure up appetizing eats that are more sophisticated than sporty pizza deliveries...

But then we finally opened up samples of new to us Primizie flavored flatbread crunchy snacks...and immediately 1) understood why they aren't packaged in resealable bags-cause each of the flavors tried----buttery crisp Simply Salt, grilled crunchy Green Harvest-fragrantly lightly spiced, and cracker like textured Rustic Beet---are so delicious-worthy of swapping out for not only typical crackers-crusty bread-bruchetta basics---but also-really tastier than snack addictive pleasers like potato chips ...there won't be any left to save for next time...

MvVO Art -Celebrates Advertising Visual Arts

at Sotheby’s in New York
February 22-25, 2018
The First Art Show to Celebrate
A New Generation of Artists from the Advertising World

With the judicial recognition of non-mainstream artists (and their art)... a timely exhibition just one week after that $ finale in NYC...displays new emerging-and somewhat under -cover-not heralded artists from the advertising world. 
Put on by MvVO ART, an innovative New York-based art venture, the show welcomes a  new generation, indoors
Says Founder & CEO Maria van Vlodrop, “AD ART SHOW is a platform for discovering exciting new emerging artists that come from a historically rich landscape– following in the footsteps of Warhol, Magritte, Rockwell, O’Keefe, Hopper, Haring, Rosenquist & so many others with dual careers in art and commercial art.” 
This groundbreaking art show and MvVO ARTs newest art initiative, will be held at Sotheby’s New York (72nd street/York Avenue-Manhattan- from February 22-25, 2018.


Fashion aside...the 2 big highlights of NY Fashion Week deserving the biggest applause... 
The the NGO launch- Humans of Fashion Foundation...a #METO#TIMESUP kind of application for the global fashion industry...
AND- the editorial attainable hair coifs.


NYFW F/W 2018 Marcel Ostertag

Spring Street Studios NYC

Sometimes we go to a runway show-and leave the run of show-the 411 on the collection inspiration...for later-curious as to what comes to mind-before we get clued into the designer's thoughts.

For Marcel Ostertag...a designer seen years ago during Berlin's-based fashion was obvious from the opening musical notes-that production values were top notch.

Tried +True: Best Lip Balm

Sometimes it's NOT the packaging...
Our top Lip Fix...EpiCeram-L® Lip Care...boasts 3 essential lipids (ceramics, conjugated linoleum acid, and cholesterol)-the same healing ingredients found in some skin moisturizers-to ward off our daily (hourly) battle against dried, cracked lips.

IMO-longer lasting...and really does work on

FYI-the basic plastic packaging might remind you of way cheaper lip balms -but it's the replenishing balm formula that earns EpiCeram-L® a gold medal.

Added Points: FREE of steroids, parabens, gluten, petroleum, lanolin+ fragrance. Does NOT taste like anything either...kid-guy friendly.
Available online 3 pack $44.95


Valentine's Day-just snuck up on us----with all the DRAMA + healthy Olympics' distractions.
Grab a fast last minute  chocolate treat-that will amaze-and will be worthy of sweethearts across America-aka- the yummy chewy melt in mouth gourmet candy - by a fairly new division of a giant  candy company (Sunrise Confections)-Sweet Valley Organics.
Considering we're not banana fans (though should be considering all the endurance sports we do)---these scrumptious USDA ORGANIC dark chocolate covered fruit candy bites Tender Bananas completely wowed us.

Asian Lunar New Year Gift ?-SOLVED

La Tourangelle ARTISAN OILS new Asian Oil Trio
A new moon always greets Chinese New Year-and this go round-celebrating the Earth Dog.
 Another reason to gather- and celebrate all things Asian---  binge watching  the fun South Korean Olympics=happy occasions. 
The perfect host gift for enthusiastic home chefs-or an easy way FOR YOU to speed dial the subtle to boldly fiery flavors of the cuisines from that part of the planet are the deliciously fresh, aromatic Asian Inspiration trio  of 3 infused oils ($16.97) by the premier now California based oil mill -aka masters of,,.La Tourangelle.

Tried and True:Outdoor-City/Country-Boots

Part 4

City ice slicked sidewalks demand style, still.
Our fav waterproof boots-are for any place you stroll...
as well as the labels deemed timelessly fashionably even the pickiest attire snobs...

Tried and True: Party On Heels

Part 3:

Insta party-TGIF outfit help that  'gets the look for less' without a loss in quality?

NINA SHOES- sandals and kitten heels with feathery crystals and bold pearl trims-  adds chic festive flair to all of our wardrobe staples aka LBDs-black leggings/tunics, or all kinds of denim tee-tank tops attire.

TRIED AND TRUE: Superfoods

Best Protein Powders+Drinks  Convenient and a way for those on special diets (vegan, carb avoiders etc) to meet their protein needs w/o cooking-it's no wonder that protein powders and drinks have gotten so popular the past few years.
Our favs...

SURPRISE-THE 'New'/Old Amarone Red Wine

Del Posto/NYC

A focused wine tasting featuring a selection of AMARONE Red Wines...from Veneto-Italy area-was a revelation.

THINK: Drink ready intense ruby-deep berry wines-with enough complexity, balanced acid, velvety tannins-full flavored fruity-spice hints...AND fantastic food pairing potentials with today's "IT" global cuisines!


And good values---ranging from around $20-$75.

Tried and True:The Best Of Everything List

Part 1:


Shiny new objects abound-but sometimes its the
don't mess with success' stuff-we keep going back to use/wear/eat...

Best high and/or mid waist- winter worthy black leggings-for exercising (or crawling along) wear in/out of gym, on a run, layered up over-for a night out-or in- that won't want to rip off the sec you get home: