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For Life On The Go-The Best Summer Shoes

ALTRA +  NINA Footwear
Life on the go-travelling for pleasure or purpose (like destination weddings)...

For footwear...two picks for minimal packers.

Hands (feet) down-trail or well made road running shoes are the best multi-tasking one and done shoe for travelers traveling light!

For comfy supported running-day hiking or walking hard or soft (ish) surfaces like city cement-quaint cobblestone byways, or dirt trails...our fav-no drop specialists ALTRA-offers up popular shades of their woven mesh uppers- and super super light weight-high traction styles-for S/S 2018!

ADIDAS OUTDOORS - Bold B/W Statement

Adidas is in the World Cup spotlight as a big time sponsor/outfitter (plus a NY Rangers top, atop A$AP's  in that great ad?)

The company's outdoor collection-like the acclaimed other function fashion apparel lines-has eye-catching black/white summer offerings...including this snazzy multi-tasking Agravic Wind Jacket

Retro Prints Rule

Mad for plaid, prepped Madras and Hawaiian inspired prints-never look a bad way. Trendster understatements-practical tops for summer-go the distance -fashion wise-and are  practical too ...for life on the go where outdoor days -city nights require functional style.

Tasty LunchBox Snacks

Life on the go...
Better for all aged humans, nutritious single serve lunch box snack options...come in savory global flavors or sweet tooth satisfying high protein options.

Solid crunchy, chewy textures or fluids...

NEW: Carry Ons That Go The Distance

Life on the go...
Need a(nother) reason to travel with a carry-on only?
New Haulers from our fav reliable/durable brands-backed by warranties.

THULE's hardside collection-REVOLVE. Durable frame, exclusive 8 wheel system for easy navigation, and roomy (minimalist) interior compartment...but not available til February 2019.

Flag On-Socks That Rock the RWB

Flaunt these  for July 4th fireworks-stars and stripes socks made by two brands known for their durability...


NIKE, PolarFleece, ROKA, TYR

Yup-we are admiringly
obsessed with Nike's NYC World Cup and Sew-options...

 Can't troop downtown to the Big Apple to make an appointment...there are other athletic inspired options for the sporty types...available on

 Not Pictured: TYR GOGGLES-swim in colors you choose...four styles available-lens mirrored (or now), gasket, toggles, strap adjuster, strap and laser etching option...starts at $14.99 on up.

White+Sparkling Wines -Celebratory Sips

Sparkling + white  wines from Loire Valley France, South Africa and Greece-travel the globe, palate wise-without leaving home.
GIFT IDEA....for the wine lover

Warm Weather's WHITE +SPARKLING Wines

Part One:
 Quaffing regional craft beers-Americans have shown great love for home grown brews. But for sophisticated summery wines-palate pleasing value options are internationally produced...and readily available.

Some recent favs...from South Africa

Protein On The Go...

The long endurance athlete must is getting enough grams of protein (often a challenge for vegans)- especially-after a multi-hour workout when laziness/fatigue to cook (and clean) set in...and those collegiate dinners of cereal-just don't work, anymore for the fuel is food lifestyle.

via GIPHY Tour de France road hazard
Our Go To Solution: A pea (plus+) protein powder...that's yummy is SNEAKZ-in all all flavors too-that unlike a lot of other brands...has NO chalky/pasty taste and is USDA Organic! Priced at $21 for 340g bag as pictured....considerably less than our prior fav-that got bought up by Nestle's and got a 30% more expensive.

Sure-SNEAKZ  may be marketed/packaged for pint sized humans...serving up essential veggie blends+ probiotic nutrients (also)...but for us-way past our school days- it's a life buoy for recovery replenishments after exercising ...AND especially on the road-for a healthy-and satisfyingly sweet, pre-race meals. 

Bonus-resealable bags insure shelf…


DDB Showroom Program: Blurring The Lives: Living Outside & In

The Gloster Showroom (Suite 1601) and Aspire Design and Home Magazine hosted design luminaries and select AD 100 honored Joe Nahem (Fox Nahem), Edmund Hollander (Hollander Design Landscape Architects) plus Emily Cosgrove (indoor/outdoor Sunbrella Fabrics' Design Director), and the legendary designer/creative director Sherri Donghia-as moderator- on a lively discussion on the panel's 21st century residential outdoor/indoor renovation projects.

Reflections on the "three, architecture, and human elements..."' underscored imaginative highlights and practical approaches-with favorite outdoor environments cited- as creative launchpads.


Edmund Hollander creates spaces where "people want to be..." and crafts architecture/design for the outdoors that are reflective of how clients live indoors--- particularly in demand...the comfort practical- casual living kind of lifesty…


DDB SPRING MARKET 2018 Al Fresco; Inside Out At the Decoration & Design Building
The so popular it even has its own hashtag  #VANlife-which we write about a lot... is both an outgrowth and a mobile impetus/desire for individual household dwellings styled for outdoor living.

More meaningfully perhaps- is the need to expand life's moments-beyond solid residential enjoy multi-generational, purposeful time under the open (or shaded) skies...for recreational fun, entertaining dining-big (and small) celebrations, and the ultimate, quiet relaxation-all in the comfort of one's home environment.

Scheduled right after the wonderful NYCxDesign week and ICFF tradeshow, the luxury showroom packed DDB building hosted a series of informative panels, posh events and open showrooms (oh-the envy inducing home decor) as well as networking cocktail soirées-ably guided by the country's premier interior/landscape designers, architects, high-end manufacturers, and top luxe glossy ed…


Another horrid story-a few days back... (another!!!!!) malnourished whale dying because it mistook ocean plastic as food-underscoring a world wide crisis that 18 billion pounds of plastic waste is dumped in the ocean, annually.
It might seem a bit 'off' to highlight a commercial enterprise  -but it's also a big deal too-and in turn...helps create an eco awareness-when the popular global brand-ADIDAS - expands its well selling collab with PARLEY for the Oceans.
For Fall -ADIDAS Outdoor...more Terrex footwear styles and outdoor apparel ...made with yarn -textile-from plastic trash-retrieved from the ocean (Parley Ocean Plastic™)---were recently previewed.
FOR NOW...there a several summer ready super comfy -form fitting-woven upper sneakers -lifestyle-water/boat shoes and some summery tops/bottoms - available for men's and women's.