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Fancy Food Trends: Healthier -Functional Teas

Functional tea blends -with or without  some sweetener help-appeal to the whole wellness lifestyle-that dominates today's lifestyles.

Tea Blends+Healthier Sodas

Fancy Food Trends-Packaging=Looks Matter

Part 5

Clever, catchy and an eco  sourced materials for packaging can grab those consumer eyeballs.


Fancy Food Show Trends: Puffed-Up

Part 4

Indie brands as well as the CPG giants-are re-discovering the fun airy crunchy puff-a winning -lighter texture now in real deal variety of flavors.


Puffs-The Eating Kind

Fancy Food Show:Trends-Sneaky Veggies

Part 3
Moringa + Cauliflower + Broccoli (Oh MY)

Carb less alternatives, sneaky veggies invade the grain/potato space.

Food Trends: Part 2-Rice Is Nice :-)

Fancy Food Show 2018
Part 2

A world staple-rice-comes in many varieties. As a headline ingredient -several new products used versions of...with tempting results.

Rice Is Nice

Trends: Food Textures+Functional Ingredients+Packaging

Fancy Food Show 2018

Stroll enough aisles at the massive Fancy Food tradeshow-and food themes jump out...
Below-are some of the new 2018 trends we picked up on.
Part One.

Thin Is In-small bites - crispy sweets

New Plant Based 'Dairy' -Will Win Converts

Plant based protein yogurt, milk, creamers and ice cream are super popular...and it's not just the clean labels, ethics, and/or the more functional ingredients---it's the taste!!!!
Not surprisingly-our fav products come courtesy of smaller -innovative companies.
 A few Halo /Half N' Half slayers from the recent Fancy Food Show/Consumer Products Events:

Recycled Coffee Pods...Nespresso/Victorinox=Brilliant!

YES-you can have your caffeine and be sustainable too.Officially obsessed...

PS: Tools for the Pioneer -large blade, reamer, punch, can opener, 2 screwdrivers (3 mm, 7.5 mm), bottle opener,  and wire stripper

Better 4 U Bars: Part 3

Fancy Food Show '18

Two companies that we've written about prior-showed new (to us)-versions that stood out...

purely elizabeth. brand expansion on their popular granolas...with a bunch of bars-including four flavors of GRAIN-FREE Granola Bars with organic extract from SUPERFOOD REISHI mushrooms in the mix. NON-GMO, certified gluten-free, vegan and bonuses-NSF certified (great for athletes) & purely elizabeth = CERTIFIED B Corporation

Better 4 U Snacks: Part 2

Fancy Food Show 2018

Feline fav---we'd put the almost sinfully addictive, Sheila' G's Brownie Brittle  in the better for you snack category-based on taste -texture alone. The rich crisp snack's MO-is to capture the top layers of home cooked brownies...and is available in a gluten free version-and new flavor Chocolate Almond-laded with chunks of chocolate and almonds---like an 'energy bar'...yet with the same melt-in-your-mouth the best home cooked dessert staple.
Al the aforementioned-good to crumble/layer on any kind of creamy yogurt/ice cream/gelato.

Better For You Snacks/Fancy Food Show '18

Snacks- (or dessert additions)-the new 'energy bars' are better than inhaling the typical packaged cookies when the mood strikes for tempting tasty treats.
Part One

Reasons-real deal fiber, organic and/or 'functional' ingredients,  cleaner labels...and allergy free choices.

Flavorful Native Spices/Foods/:Africa, Haiti, Australia

Ancestral inspirations and distant islands/continents...turned up in new ways at the latest Fancy Food Show...with African, Haitian, and Australian spices livening up foodie goodies.

French Condiments: World Class Tastes


French mustards and salts are probably the most popular of that World Cup powerhouse offerings...besides a football team with players ready for the world stage (too).
Some favs from the recent Fancy Food Show:

BAHHHHH. Goat Cheese' Tangy Good Tastes

Spreadably familiar- fresh creamy smooth Montrachet style  rolls-soft ripened or aged- in harder rinds' slice worthy formats-or headlining spreads/yogurts/dips/gelato ...goat milk's distinct tangy mildness highlighted  exhibitor offerings at the most recent Fancy Food Show.

What caught our eyeballs...


Not a ref to Prince Harry,

Teeth clinging-taffy-like aromatic ginger chews were a fav of  senior family members-acquired tastes for time spent in India and England during/post WW II.

Now-the natural remedies/ health benefits of this fragrant root-are well known-particularly as a digestive tummy calmer+anti-inflammatory helper. No wonder ginger (lemon tea) is so popular...whether sipped up via branded tea bags-or what we do...slice a fresh chunk off the real deal root-peel it a bit-and steep in a cuppa hot water.

Plus unlike say ginseng...ginger actually tastes good. Paired with cinnamon/cloves in cookies, garlic in Asian fusion sautés or on its own (with sugar-in addictive ginger snaps)...this sophisticated flavor multi-tasks in a lot of yummy eats.

Maybe that's why-it seemed like the sweet-savory Ginger chews were the "it' single wrapped hardish chew candy at this year's Fancy Food Show.
Besides the soon to be collectible Harry Potter themed Jelly Beans.

 Other brand…