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ZENSAH+SKINS Compression/Fitness Socks-Apparel

We feel sorry for all those athletic or on their feet all day people who don't know about the benefits compression wear socks/leg cuffs. It's easy to say the benefits-improved circulation, recovery musts during and post endurance activities-but once one gets on a pair-chances are high that some version will be part of an everyday wardrobe.

ZENSAH makes colorful compression wear for the knee down---including World Cup ready country flag styles. FUN!

Engineered performance-targeting key areas for graduated compression where needed. The superior support is all made of moisture wicking/anti odor textiles-and no chafe seamless technology. The fit is super-and left/right specific for socks…we have several pair we wear in rotation.

 Compression wear apparel is supportive and functional…and athlete input is clearly apparent in the new to us SKINS collection…with gradient compression requirements taken into account for muscle groups, and serious sizing choices---in the SKINfit A 200 ra…

GORE RUNNING Fall 2014 Athletic/Fitness/Running Apparel


Having trained for marathons/triathlons outdoors in polar vortexes, we can vouch for the heavy duty must haves for top of the line performance clothing - in freezing weather.

GORE RUNNING-obvi makes use of the parent company's state of the art fabrics as the basis for multiple lines of layer able separates for the urban and trail runners. The assortment for Fall 2014-is sub divided into several collections-which is retailer friendly…but for us, it's more about the fit---with looser and close fitting silhouette options available…in great assortment of neutral and brighter tones.

As mentioned in an earlier post-visibility is a big theme in apparel -for those on the go…coupled with moisture management, wind+waterproof, the fit-stretch-and multi-tasking abilities (especially for $). PLUS good looking/flattering cuts too---in addition to functionality, ease of use (one handed adjustments…) durable, and -easy to clean!

Jackets range $179.99-$279.99


New Spa infuses Traditional Services with Latest Technology in Cosmetic Treatments-Media Preview

WHAT: A super convenient midtown locale-decored out like a cozy wood paneled library…with several surgically neat private treatment rooms…offering skin and laser services by experienced nurse practitioners, physicians and a Board Certified aesthetician.

MOST WANTED: Proven winners- Fraxel® Restore 1550-collagen boosting/fine line wrinkling busting treatment that works by creating a thermal response in the skin…LILA® Strawberry laser (pictured above)-a non-invasive/non-surgical body slimming/fat cell reducing treatment that's popular in Europe---and making its debut here…and what got a lot of interest at this event---FEAR NO MIRROR™ CoolSculpting (one of four facilities in NYC)-a pretty chill way-literally- to permanently get rid of fat cells on the tummy+inner/outer thighs…by freezing -then eliminate unwanted fat cells. Non-surgically.

WHAT ELSE: Injectable procedures such as Botox and…



Not surprisingly, a media event we recently attended at the just off MADISON AVE. NYC Bang&Olufsen store---was filled with our colleagues-social media mavens that usually review fashion/beauty…but here to take in the stunning and technology tops audiophile/visual offerings of the high end Danish brand Bang+Olufsen.

As fanatics of Scandinavian design, in general… we expected exceptional eye candy. But bonus points get awarded too- as these top-of-the-line stunners comply with international environmental standards- manufacturing and contents-including use eco materials that are durable -like  aluminum (that can be recycled), and sustainable woods.

Pretty sure no one else asked…but we figured a Denmark based company would care too…as stated on their website.

ALSO noted…the designers and engineers are named and acknowledged.

BIG NEWS: The new BEOVISION  AVANT with 3 channel stereo system built in and VisionClear technology, wireless sound, multiple stand options...

Wireless speak…