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words/images Judith Ecochard

Truth be told-we had never watched a QVC anything---though we know people who have been on this mega-shopping information channel-and know the super strict vetting process that everything on that on air/on line retailer goes through. As in top quality for everything for sale- that keeps the customers happy-what you see is what you get.

AND for us -that was impressive.

Now-we are beyond impressed with one of QVC's affable host's-David Venable-a guy who know his merchandise and understands his viewers' lifestyles to perfection...via extensive dialogues with viewers, and an active social media outreach effort.

AND we know this...because we had the good fortune to attend a media invite of all things "COOKING IN THE KITCHEN WITH DAVID®," including generous samples of super tasty bites that we couldn't have enough of, sips of a lovely Chardonnay-and nice chats with the knowledgeable QVC staff-all who had the friendly folksy manners of …


words/images Judith Ecochard

14 West 57th Street, NYC

Steps-off the holiday traffic clogged Fifth Avenue- is a calm fanciful oasis of Victorian charm, bundled up in a boutique displaying tastefully indulgent, hand crafted decor, lighting, table top and furniture wares -the likes of which are simply transporting to another era.

Chock full of the practical/whimsical---or both---- items for every room in the home, Mackenzie-Childs'  welcoming boutique in Manhattan-certainly got us in the Tis' The Season mood as soon as we walked in...


Outdoor Retailer, SLC

words/images Judith Ecochard

NAU is a  hip modern apparel/accessories label, made for active types who might just hike a few miles or cycle to work at some fab cool company.

Unlike most brands we see at the OR tradeshow-who make performance wear that could be worn off the trail...but aren't particularly modern-NAU truly is a fashion brand in our opinion...and the best kind- as the fabrics are mostly made of recycled/sustainable materials, the details/cuts are thoughtful- so as to give the piece an edge and to flatter ---and every piece boasts of functional elements- and good the hipster mode.

We have a jacket of theirs that we live in---to wear around the city and go hiking in on weekends---PLUS-we have received many compliments on it-the Shroud of Purrin- from our fashionista pals and our outdoorsy friends who wouldn't know Prada from Prana.


Men's -modern pieces-so handsome!