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Nutritious Noshing Part 2

Best Olympic/Bowl Options -Crowd Viewing Eats  Top Pick: via GIPHY THE fastest disappearing act won't be the defensive line of the team you're NOT rooting for ... Crowd pleasing-and IMO- ideal hostess gifts -right along with that six-pack or bottle of booze ( better even )... WONDERFUL Pistachio  (aka Get Crackin™) nuts -are addictive nutritious goodness,,, (for about half cup serving-6grams protein, 3 grams dietary fiber+ meaningful amounts of Thiamin, vitamin B6, Iron, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Maganese, Copper-only 160 calories). Widely available in game size 14oz-16oz fav flavors like Roasted +Salted, lightly or no salted-plu a tangy spiced up option - Sweet Chile. Hint-keep an empty bowl handy for the shells...AND keep a few shelf stable extra bags of pistachios around...for OT.' ll be a big bowl full of Wonderful Pistachio nuts -starting off the coin toss...and then long (and) gone before the 2 minute warning. Of the first half. Gua

Nutritious Noshing

Tips for feeding (and filling) a crowd-without time away from the big screen. Part One: The Main Event=Nachos Inspired. via GIPHY Swamp usual not so great for you  tortilla chips...(despite catchy ads)...opting for just as equally crunchy tasty - and widely available -  baked lentil bean chips (protein/high fiber) loaded versions- by Saffron Foods to pair with fav dips. Flavor options sea salt or cracked pepper-in particular...go great with any home made or store bought salsa, guacamole, or hummus.  Better + only a  tad more effort-use the contents of a 4oz bag-as a bottom layer for melt-in-your mouth nachos- underneath a layer(s) of shredded cheese-topped off with thinly sliced up fresh veggies (peppers, onions, eggplant)...or drained (patted/dried) corn, black beans, jalapeno-pimento slices in pre-heated grill/oven (around 400º) ---till cheese gooey melted.  EASY+FASTER than waiting for pizza delivery+FILLING. FYI-also from this Halah certified &qu

Less Ingredients: Food+Health Trends

Trends sometimes become a way of life beyond the initial  marketing campaign. A prime example=the footwear/fashion designs/products for "athleisure" lifestyles-an established moda operandi for years now. AND worldwide consumers want to eat and consume-products with fewer, simpler ingredients -and where they're sourced, too. via GIPHY Top Picks for snackin'packing protein options...and chewy bars.


Hosting a Olympic brunch bunch...or a betting crowd (of 1+) for the Super Bowl-sweet + spicy eats/treats can get February family and friend gatherings just a little louder than the usual holiday reveries . via GIPHY Tried and true snack favs -and new options treats/eats will satiate the nervous nibblers AND those needing more sustenance ---just in case it goes into OT.  PART ONE: Kids eyeballs might just pop-out- WHY?  Tip: fill up a lazy susan serving tray with sweet option s- guaranteed winners for small hands (and large). Another bet to make besides who wins the title ha ha ha- how long this'll last ??? Mount Franklin  Sunrise Confections' creamy yummy vegan Softer Than Brittle (in pecan, almond peanut or cashew-NO dairy, gluten, preservatives or hydrogenated oils) or Sunrise Gummy Bears (no artificial ingredients) and practically iconic-Peppermint Starlights- our favs in this tantalizing set-up. Widely available. Indulgent Fair Trade Certified TR

New Year's How to 'Lose' 5-7 Years Guide

Part 3 GT'S LIVING FOODS, HARMLESS HARVEST Gut health...has been trending for the past few years-with the benefits of  good intestinal bacteria-credited with immunity strength, vital digestive functions,  clearer skin and maybe even a cancer slayer . All anti-aging attributes-making one feel younger as in 'you are what you eat.' Probiotics live/active micro-organisms- and the prebiotics that feed the probiotics,  are bio-available in real deal eats/drinks-like kombucha tea,  kefir (we written about Lifeway's selections), sauerkraut, miso and the popular Korean seasoning kimchi. via GIPHY

New Year's Goal-"Lose" 5-7 Years:Brighter Smile

Part 2 TV worthy-mega- wattage teeth...and a bright smile-can erase years off one's visage.  In the past -those pearly whites could only really be achieved with pricey veneers or in-office visits-but now, easy to use at home solutions are helpful-maybe making teeth 1-3 shades lighter... IMO-credible alternatives. via GIPHY TOP PICK: Oralgen NuPearlAdvanced Teeth Whitening kits-are truly a groundbreaking at-home 'beauty' this system reduces stains+discolorations-without some of the toxic ingredients of other methods. Available in 2 formulas-the one we <3 ...the="" a="" href="®32x-products">NuPearl 32X is 99.5% natural ingredients and 100% vegan in fact..but both versions (the other is NuPearl12x with Ultra Pure 12% Hydrogen Peroxide...are free from latex (that would be the LED light mouthpiece), parabens, sulfates, sodium fluoride, Triclosan (you'd be surprised how many w

New Year's Goal-'Lose' 5-7 Years

Better Aging...or staying the same if you're where you want to be... Today's modern lifestyle-in a positive way- have loads of companies ready to serve up products and treatments that 'erase' a few years, superficially, topically, internally... Part One: Top Pick: Non-Invasive, fast treatment that firm-tighten skin, smooth out wrinkles... via GIPHY BTL Aesthetic' EXILIS ULTRA ® is the latest version of a skin tightening device -that is able to noticeably firm up (increased collagen production+skin thickness))-via  two sized different handpieces- body sagging parts (like thighs, tummy, back of arms...larger piece) ....and the neck-jowls-up (smaller piece). Practically pain free-if not relaxing- with customized heat (power) levels available -it works using a combo of ultrasound energy (like Ultherapy but not as deep or hurtful without a pain killer )...and monopoly radio frequency (same tech as Thermage ). Simultaneously.

New Indulgent Sweet Treats

BETTER FOR YOU-(or) MORE INDULGENT and SATISFYING. via GIPHY Our top picks for late afternoon pick-up musts...

Quick SNOW Winter Getaways

No time LIKE NOW to plan short, snowy jaunts-away from home, the big vacay crowds of recent holidays, and to take advantage of longer daylight hours, the best conditions of the season,  AND meaningful resort values. L.L Bean pillow Be an Olympian ... or act like one . Lake Placid N.Y, in the scenic Adirondacks -offers top notch, powder loaded- on the mountain fun via Whiteface -site of the 1984 Olympics...but even better ( maybe )...unique off the 'hill activities-that will make one feel like a champion. THINK luge/bobsled lessons -rides for true speed demons, skating on the rink where the the USA's hockey Dream Team-clinched gold, cross country trails galore plus lessons for acing biathlons, opportunities to figure out just what is curling (ha ha), and good old fashion tubing opps with meaningful verticals from top to bottom. INFO: BRING a friend ...all ages of snow bunnies/moguls, welcome! Ski Vermont'

Cold Weather Essentials!!!!

BOIRON, EDDIE BAUER, ThermaCELL, BERNARDO 1946, POOCHIEBOOTS Arctic dips in temps call for a focused list of must haves... via GIPHY BOIRON's homeopathic flu fighter Oscillococcinum -is fairly ubiquitous in the States now including mass market outlets and reigning retailer-Amazon. Just place sweetish dissolvable  pellets-comes in handy individual sized portions... under the tongue as soon as symptoms first appear -this truly natural way to heal-has been a household go-to -for decades, really, After the first dose (3 recommended, hours apart)-we find we need a nap..then wake up practically all healed. Really.  Hardcore insulated mittens- Eddie Bauer's hard core W's  Powder Search Touchscreen Mittens (on sale now $34.99)-are waterproof, breathable -with tipped thumb that has conductive material for tapping smartphones. Big cold weather plus-outside zip- for hand warmer inserts. 100 grams of ThermaFill™ insulation, tricot lining, adjustable cuffs- keeps cold out, a