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ATHLETE GAL's Guide -3 Easy Nail Art Looks-ZOYA Polishes

88 MADISON AVE. Suite 128

Nail Art is here to stay, in style for ever, we feel---and women around the world share shaded talons-from more conservative demure, barely there one color polishes-to labor intensive designs (or stick-ons-so fast).

CARAVAN STYLIST STUDIO- like the name implies,  provides head to toe help, gratis for celebs---getting ready for appearances-the Red Carpet, in public- or on-air ...using quality products to get the 'looks'=hair ( Sexy Hair's line-Big Sexy Hair), makeup/skin care (Kryolan, Simple, MD Complete, FAKE BAKE, Bullet Acne Aid stick) and nail (ZOYA Polishes and Nail Treatments).

Lucky us, we scored an invite to a tutorial-on 3 new nail polish looks-that even we could manage…all made 'easy' by the resident head-to-toe stylist expert, Valerie Star.

FOR leopard spotted nails-first select a color trio---our 'classmate' a beauty intern at Good Housekeeping chose yellow (Darcy $9) her primary shade…one regular coat was enough ---ap…


Nike Sportswear reintroduces two trailblazing models honoring the progressive Huarache design.

Like Nike FlyknitNike Flywire, and Nike Air technologies, the Nike Huarache platform was born in performance running and swiftly applied to other sport categories. Designed under the lens of reduction, the Huarache platform was one of Nike’s earliest attempts to give athletes exactly what they need to perform and nothing more. Twenty-three years after the debut of the Air Huarache, Nike Sportswear reintroduces shoes that combine the functionality of South American sandals and the fit of neoprene waterski boots ­– the Air Flight Huarache and Air Huarache Trainer.

In 1992, Tinker Hatfield and a young Eric Avar put their heads together to repurpose radical innovation to fit the needs of hoopers everywhere. The Air Flight Huarache, the fruit of their brain merger, delivered a superior fit thanks to a neoprene innersleeve and leather exoskeleton that worked in tandem to offer players a responsi…



SUNSCREEN---Duh. As the  number of skin cancer occurrences dwarf the next bunch of C.s combined, using sunscreen as an athlete outdoors is a must. And we can tell by the skin quality (or lack there of) who amongst our female competitors, Age-Group wise- uses sunscreen/sunblock- and who doesn't. It is that obvious.

IMO physical blocks that are applied and hang out on the surface (not absorbed into the skin) made of - Titanium Dioxide and/or - Zinc Oxide  are the best…and the only thing we use on our face….and most of the time-on the neck down skin too. The longest lasting, physical block sunblocks are tough to wash off- we find it survives multi-hour races-so that is the point.

Plus, when we sweat up a storm, physical non-micronized sunblocks don't sting our eyes…for real vs. chemical sunscreen claims of being non-irritating. Not so for us and we have tried about 4 big name sunscreens made of chemical ingredients that penetrate the skin ---that not only annoy our eyes …

CANADA GOOSE FALL Outerwear Fall 2014


There's a reason Canada Goose is the 'it' winter wear label for street to slopes cold weather protection: the designs are exceptional, the performance features top notch, the fabrics/textiles technically enhanced and proprietary ---and bonus points from us, the company uses ethically sourced goose down -which as we learned…is very tough to do.


First thing we noticed…COLOR COLOR COLOR. A good thing if you want to be seen on a snowy landscape…and in saturated tones that manage to be a 21ST CENTURY palette shade we'd wear…

CANYON SHELL-3L Technical Shell Collection-men/women versions-simplified clean lines and a slim fit-versatile just below hip and mid length jackets . FEATURES:  waterproof/windproof/breathable hardshell via Tri-Durance HSTM proprietary fabric with unique 4 way stretch, fully taped seams-and that includes the top of the line YKK® AcquaGuard® water repellent, 2 way locking zippered pockets. Layer over basics/mid-layers in cold cold temp…