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MakeUp in New York New Cosmetics/Trends Part 2


Going to makeup trade shows  clues us in as to how such diverse value retailers such as CVS and Carrefour (in France)-to primo priced fashion designers, makeup tools (Japonesque), celebs in cahoots with discounters (Flower's Drew Barrymore-Walmart)--- and respected makeup artists with a following--- but without established labs- production facilities can conjure up cutting edge, desirable cosmetics.

At the most recent MakeUp in New York…we were really impressed with this stand alone or mix-up with product… by the Cosmetic Group, USA, Inc.

A high pigment metallic gel shadow-that really, really does not crease…due to its 70% water composition-that has a pleasing cool to the touch application.

We have found that a lot of intense color cream shadows---and there are plenty now that are retailed-including (especially) the long wearing ones- ----in fact do crease up after about an hour or so-maybe too waxy in composition-and it ACTUALLY ages our eyelids older…!

Super impressive- the …

MakeUp in NEW YORK:New Cosmetics Part 1

Part 1

Novel cosmetic applications---gets assimilated PDQ---often because the companies enabling the makeup labels-big and small---are open for business- to all with the right funds…and of course-the desire to create+package cosmetics, minimum numbers met- and market/promote them so consumers get their chance to try/buy.
Custom formulations for products do exist--- by all companies we spoke with at least---but with gel eye-liners and makeup pencils-in particular -it seems the innovations are driven by these very same companies we talk to at trade shows like the wonderful makeUp in New York Show that just took place.

Patented and patent pending ingredients and packaging-like those from skin/haircare---are abundant. We see adverts on this all the time---BUT who holds the patent-can be these 'unknown' private label entities…not the makeup brands themselves.

Depends-i.e. L'Oreal holds hundreds of patents and has its own extensive R+D departments---but reaches out to outside co…

MakeUP in New York: Packaging Highlights

Makeup/grooming packaging-like perfume/cologne - has insta- shelf appeal…for consumers who may not even have an understanding of what's inside beyond the brand's identity-captured in the visual message the 'vehicle' displays-or emotes…via shape, weight, color, texture-and the label.

And from what we could see in a mere few hours-the customization options result in great designs ---available worldwide. It's fascinating -seeing the innovative backbone of an industry where packaging is key.

Some highlights:
Bottle coatings----the variety of colors and textures are magical and seemingly endless for customization. We thought this beautiful metallic spray coating on LUMSON's glass bottle very luxurious...inner sprays-lacquering in glass bottles ---a very upscale finish.

Fairly obsessed with this…and no doubt will see a masstige-premium brands adopt  APP: AIRLESS PLASTIC PACKAGING with -PColors--- as eye candy as nail art ---in acid bold colors. Airless is the only wa…