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254 Wolverine Store, Elizabeth Street, NYC

We felt like we stepped into a 21st century "Friends" episode when we checked out the Spring 2014 apparel and footwear collection by Brooklyn based designer Samantha Pleet-hosted by the soon to open Wolverine Store.

By the time we got there-during a busy NYFW---it was buzzing and packed with Pleet's friends and collaborators, gathered to celebrate a truly adorable collection of feminine frocks and separates-... inspired by a paradise lush Arcadia- and Darwin's journals recounting jaunts to exotic locales.

A short film directed by Maximilla Lukacs and Sarah Sophie Flicker -that was refreshingly not sophisticated slick-kinda gave onlookers the MO of the collection-a "female explorer's journey to a mythical island paradise"...with a do I  stay or do I go-or is it just the adventure desired- theme going on---though we didn't get so deep with thought. We were just checking out the clothes.

Pretty tropical prints and…

MAKEUP-in NEW YORK 2013=Summary

West 22nd Street, NYC

Latest in Cosmetics Packaging, Make-up, Tools...

And this country isn't even the biggest market-it's Asia/Sub Asia (India).

We left the spacious 3 floors worth of exhibitors, thinking-hmmm, to start one's own credible line of makeup/nail polish etc---you really only need capital as there are scores of companies out there that can do everything for you (turn-key operations)---from packaging, to chemical formulations---to marketing and retail distribution-on and off line.