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Getting the 'look' for less is all over the planet -apparel and footwear wise---with quality offerings in the fast fashion worlds of H+M, Zara, Topshop, ASOS, Nasty Gal---etc…is a given for the internet age.

So why not jewelry. Especially quality costume jewelry-without the big name designer labels…and high price tags that go with those labels .

Violà BLING smartly run, Manhattan NYC based company with over 10,000 skus of 'bling' ---in practically every style one could want-and for every occasion---well made all and keepers all.

Crafted as a destination website for the millennial generation ---who like to layer jewelry on arms, necks, hands---and make the "look" their very own.

Bling Jewelry sells of the moment and classic designs of rings, cuffs, necklaces, pendants, charms, keychains, watches, etc---quality made---and btw, beautifully packaged too.

Big sellers are the baubles inspired by movies, and red carpet walkers...

Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic LIVING PAINTINGS Artwork of the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards

 Tribeca Hotel

Not your Joshua Light Show going on here-(from back in the days)...Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic's living paintings…are elegant, abstract-ethereal imageries that from what we gather-are  composed on a light box, manipulated by hand gestures, specially lit…and captured---very hands-on/hands-crafted…a fluid multi-media/realized inks-filmed overtime thorough a proprietary process= kinda performance piece-that reminds us of  Jackson Pollock ---in a kind of way.

Visually arresting artwork created by a guy we'd could talk with about art with a capital "A"…all night…or just as easily grab a beer and hang out with- at a ball game-though being an Argentinian native…make that fûtbol.

For a preview of works specifically commissioned by the Council of Fashion Designers and creative agency Laird+Partners ---that conjures up a cohesive design approach for their big gala on Monday, June 2nd (think the Oscars for Fashion)…we figured this invite was cool=but had no idea how talen…

FIT with Tara Stiles #POSEWHENEVER-W Hotels

W Hotel- Lexington Avenue

WHAT: W Hotels Worldwide debuted it's in-room 'curated' fitness-on demand - 24/7 access video (FREE) and tip cards-by  FIT with Tara Stiles… for customers/guests of its 45 properties- needing  a boost, feeling jet lagged, needing to recover, or getting amped for a big night out.

SMARTLY-the POSEWHENEVER hashtag and theme-means its…as shown by rather flexible yoga advocates striking a pose -during yesterday's launch.

TARA STILES-the brains/body behind this added plus for guests- is a charismatic and limber 'rebel' yoga devotee who worked with W Hotels to design universally easy to do poses that can be done anywhere in a hotel room, no equipment required.

LOVE-on her website (…recipes for healthy eating.

WHAT ELSE-Resort/retreat located W Hotels-like the one in Vieques and Bali-offer FIT by Tara Stiles packages-including classes outside on the scenic properties…

IMPRESSIVE…for two  hours-Tara Styles was driving aroun…

#Father's Day Gifts-For Gen X-Millenial Dads


Casual wear for the sporty guy get edgy with leather inserts. Very nifty- key pieces-by menswear designer/stylist Martin Keehn…the sweat shirt hoody MADE IN NYC- is available now $270-different color options too.