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Best Fall/Winter Totes

"IT' bags for Fall-no longer seem relevant ...because what most people really end up carrying-most of the time-are either spacious tote bags-or smaller back packs -the size that don't scale Mt. Everest.


For cooler temps-swap out the white/beige canvas classics for more weather tough textiles and darker tones...

TOTAL HOME Open House Highlights

Sure...why not rent a $1800/night Air BnB (or $30,000 month furnished) -stunningly restored 4 bedroom/2.5 bath-3 terraces(!!!)  former Synagogue-to make some observations  about rental/home insurance.

Our hosts-the congenial married couple- Chip Wade of HGTV acclaim -and plenty of other ventures...including digital and a multi-tasking furniture collection,  Pauli Wade-a real estate broker in Atlanta area,  Liberty Mutual Insurance and partner Solaria Labs-and the cutest 'guy' in the room-Samson.

The night clued us in on millennial insurance matters.

Liberty Mutual Insurance imo-smartly targets that massive demographic-where the older folks (30+) -are buying homes-coupled with the majorities' urban renter's lifestyle-(though multiple generations of families living together is def a growing phenom too),

Interesting-the company's backed Total Home Score-a new API based analytics service that can impart live-ability info like noise (Quiet Score), traffic -and vehicle …

Day of the Dead Holiday: Celebrates Life

Dia de los Muertos -a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity heraldsaMexican tradition now celebrated throughout Latin America.

This three day (or so) holiday- honoring of the dead in life for some in the northern Western Hemisphere... may be limited to watching Disney's blockbuster "Coco" ...but now plenty of USA retail stores, restaurants and individuals are marking this occasion-with altars, festivities and feasts. online destination for Halloween costumes (among other offerings like lingerie/activewear) -even has its second biggest holiday sales for Day of the Dead festivities.


One of our fav James Bond opening sequences-that never lack for drama. A Day of the Dead parade...

Pan dulce-sweet breads, fermented beverage (pulque), hot chocolate, and white sugar skulls are some traditional treats.

For crowd pleasing light bites-Flirting with Flavors entertainment host par excellence Pamela Morgan serves up authentic Mexican cuisine like Teq…

Wellness: New Skin/Haircare Luxuries

Part 3-In-Cosmetics

A lot of instagram ready looks are aided by topical temporary fixes akin to IRL Photoshop...

At In-Cosmetics...we saw plenty of raw materials/ingredients to help.

Most Fun

JUST IN TIME for Halloween-Day of the Dead celebrations.. the colors by SANDREAM Impact-a company just bought over.

Impressed with the 2019-2020 mood boards of color tones...including autumnal boysenberry, auburn -crimson reds- to pinks-claret mauve (Moonstruck), gleaming sparkling glittery holiday fest of a rich metallic like teal +rose gold (Foil Fiesta), and gender neutral palette- of icy pastels+nudes (Second Skin).

Wellness + Looking Healthy: Luxury Personified

Part 2

In-Cosmetics/Javits NYC

It's not all in the packaging-but new to the USA...sunscreen/block sticks (TSA friendly - portable)...and micro-needling delivery systems-from South Korean companies... caught our attention.

Part One

Healthy Hair/Skincare: Luxury of Wellness

Part One:

As consumers worldwide shift their thinking (or vocabulary) from anti-aging to wellness-their priorities for what is desire-able is also getting re-fresh too.

The Basics:

Want to know the latest wellness trends for skin/haircare? Walk the aisles of a supplier trade show-for an education on cutting edge ingredients-usually before they're 'in' the retail market.

We've been covering these kinds of events for years-learning where/how both big companies and individuals-source their products/ingredients.

Open secret: Sometimes the splashy marketed products and cult favs contain the same ingredients from the same source... or private label manufacturers.

This year's In-Cosmetics' NY focus was on the A-Z of launching indie brands...accelerated by the trend of consumer preferences for cleaner labels from "authentic' companies.

Out 'greenwashing' of 'natural' labels, animal testing, destroying Planet earth, old distribution/advertising m…

Wellness: Luxury of Living

Personal wellsprings of self care are popping up  -for populations focusing on a life lived, well.

Subjectively interpreted of course.

21st century attributes and expectations- in a connected world constantly measured/monitored by metrics...often needs  to also include just how to slow down and enjoy the moment, no numerical feedback required.

Part One:

WELCOME: A VIP Movie Going

Leisure pursuits outside of the home are in competition with...screen time Netflix and video games. Hence the re-think of  cinema experiences...which we got to check out recently in the Big Apple, at the latest CMX cinemas venue-CMX CinéBistro.

Manhattan, and NYC in general does not lack for fun pursuits-day or any new venture better deliver unique options to succeed.

Question-therefore...does this outlet-one of 37 dine-in movie theaters-accomplish its 'mission'?

Answer -yes,

PLUS a perfect date night destination, escape from a winter hibernation, an after hours unwind spot th…