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Sprinter is here---meaning there is still snow on the ground -for long runs…and no water fountains are on- or available (depending) to quench thirsts...

Portable liquid solutions (convenient and necessary)-for those on the go-include, handhelds, running belts, and vests with hydration holders-plastic bottles or bladders.

IMO-what to drink is just as personal as how to haul it all.

WHAT we use when its warm enough out to sweat…therefore need more liquids -which in our case is water-is helpfully satiated by a FITLETIC solution…a company we saw at a tradeshow-that offers a bunch of carry options-for electronics, personal stuff, water etc.

 WE TRIED: The two bottle Hydration Belt-(comes in 12oz $39.95 or 16oz $43.95 options)…very ergonomically designed --meaning a REALLY no-bounce solution to carrying fluids and other necessaries for the long run- tricked out with a gel reflective tab on either side of the pouch,that's stretchy + zipped--- with an interior pocket---plus race bib toggl…

Outdoor Retailer New Gear F/W 2014-Black Diamond Eagle Creek, Boreas

UPRIGHT, WATERTIGHT+LIGHT-Black Diamond, Eagle Creek, Boreas


Another tradeshow-another breakthrough product from Black Diamond.

The HALO 28 Jetforce-joins the avalanche airbag systems available to backcountry adventurers. Uniquely- in collab with its owned PIEPS- the "JetForce Technology" - a battery powered jet fan that inflates the 200 liter airbag in 4 seconds.

Up to four inflations with a fully charged lithium-ion battery brings the cost per use, lower and allows for a easier test run without the hassle of replacing a gas canister-commonly used in other systems. The Cordura® airbag material is puncture tough-but the fan keeps running a minute to keep inflation up in case of a slash.

Added plus---the airbag automatically deflates after 3 minutes to create a potential air pocket-removes risk of ice/snow smothering -and helps those digging you out.


Whether the above Halo 28 JetfForce battery in the airbag passes airport screen…

Green Festival-America's Largest/Longest Running Sustainability Show- Launch Party

Media Preview
Environment Furniture
350-352 Bowery, NYC 

A new Euro team (Messe-Stuttgart) with non profits Green America and Global Exchange is taking the annual Green Festival across America-to even better than ever- (re)acquaint attendees to the benefits of an eco way of life-effortlessly, we might add. 

From non-toxic household goods, healthful food (vegan, vegetarian that really has mainstream appeal), organic beer and wines---to Fair Trade accessories/clothing, and skincare/beauty/grooming---the NYC version on April 26-27 at the large Pier 94 (10-6PM)---will have something for everyone. 

---And of course the aforementioned alcohol. 

Samplings at a media preview-was a lot of fun---and packed with enthusiastic vendors---all home grown entrepreneurs who have a non-toxic passion for living- a greener way---and started a business, accordingly.

Fabrics Drive Design A/W 2014-Outdoor Apparel/Footwear

Outdoor Retailer, SLC + NYC

From a fashion perspective---we bet several successful apparel designers would admit  -that nothing 'new' is delivering  -silhouette-wise----akin to Christian Dior's breakthrough New Look-nipped in waist, full skirt to mid calf that made fashion history at his collection's debut in 1947.

What has changed big time though- and drives the more exciting breakthroughs in apparel/footwear are the fabrics+materials=innovation.

The Outdoors industry has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting the latest technologies with respect to textiles-or risk being irrelevant.

So whether its to keep warm, dry, cool, weather/sun protected, go faster, stay connected or more affordable (all those down/synthetic---merino wool/synthetic blends)…the needs of customers (consumers, the military, space explorers, to name a few) are changing and lots of companies are providing solutions.


New Cool Fabrics and Warm Fabrics from Schoeller® T…

Outdoor Retailer Trends A/W 2014-DIALING IN=BOA-ed SNOWSHOES

Outdoor Retailer/SLC

The convenience of a dialing closure system -instead of tying up laces, or wrestling with a strap/buckle-w/w/o gloves -is massively appealing.

Boa® Technology, founded by a So-Cal surfer transplant to Steamboat Springs- owns this segment of techy know-how…with various options for different products that we have meaningfully paid up for.

In snowshoes…the pop out, turn, push in system is surprisingly really lightweight, durable (aircraft grade stainless steel cable the dog can't chew through), provides even pressure, a quick release (love this), and a super secure easy fit-adjustable on the fly (saving precious T1/T2 seconds re: tri bike shoes)- from toe to heel.

DIAL IT RIGHT-BOA Louis Garneau of ginormous bicycle fame- has surprise to us-high- end snowshoes tricked out with Boa technology for a few seasons…(like the aforementioned bike shoes).

For Fall----the brand continues to add to it four categories of snowshoes: 

Backcountry-Deep Powder snow-mountain terrain

Day …