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Outdoor Retailer Cool Gadgets,Gear and Trends: Foam=Fabulous, Protect, Cushion+Bounce Part 4


Outdoor brands cater to the active sorts of humans-and human activities that require higher degrees of uncompromisable comfort and shock absorbing protection- that typical fashion, design focused items don't really focus on.

Over the years, the tech know how of cutting edge materials aimed at cushioning feet, protecting limbs, and keeping us moving without injury-are readily adopted by large swaths of labels. Along with fit…functioning cushioning/energy rebounding comfort- all expected by consumers.


We knew that lessons accrued from a college Physics class would come in handy someday. Certainly  some kind of scientific laws got commissioned at the PORON® exhibit ---where audibly significant glass smashing -at intervals sure to haven driven the neighbors, nuts-was occurring.
with a competitor foam-the glass was shattered

new glass bowl (they had an entire drawer full lol)---and Poron XRD in place

But an effective way to demonstrate just how shock absorbing this Rodgers Corp. owned company Poron XDR®foam offerings are. With competitors shattered in defeat-in a manner of speaking.
same acceleration-but Poron foam prevented the glass bowl from breaking
Pliable, dependable, lightweight, flexible, form-fitting-and with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection, high performing Poron® XDR® delivers in 3 versions-M-Guard, B -Guard, and X-Pad---all shock absorbing products - for use in hip,/elbow/knee pads, garments that need to meet Euro standards---and in athletic/motorcycle apparel, accessories and footwear.

Some companies…using Poron®---
KLIM Adventure gloves-Poron protects knuckles, fingers

G-Form products---include electronic cases
Giro Remedy MTB Glove

at $149.99….waaay cheaper than surgery…

Bern's Eastwood Back Protector…low profile

The North Face Northolic Footbed…Poron® Resource Cushioning

Adidas outdoor footwear-including the label's running shoes designed for the trails- the new Duramo Cross X and Gore Tex waterproof-Duramo Cross X GTX---

...have a slew of proprietary features that make the kicks ideal for grippy plush runs---including a full length energy rebound adiPRENE midsole that also delivers shock absorbing comfort...

In fact…adiPRENE by Adidas is so effective, sister company the lifestyle/casual/dress footwear company- Rockport-uses it too…

Tie dye never dies as an 'in' pattern-the on the left and right- REGAL ISSAC ($55) custom printed canvas uppers for guys-slim silhouette with new no-ledge construction- have the high rebound Instaplay footbed inside-as well as a Happy U rubber outsole

Besides having the best graphics of any catalogue we receive (frankly we are obsessed)--- Sanuk -the now Decker's owned entity…and it's "…they're not shoes" offerings-
love these Yoga Mat sandals…dubbed Yoga Sling-stretchy upper, serious comfort-loota style for not serious $ available March 15 ($38)
…are in regular rotation instead of shoes ---not only because of the "fun and funk" uppers-but because of the company's unique cuddling footbeds…
Other Sanuk selections-get the claim to fame awesome high rebound, molded EVA footbed featuring AEGIS antimicrobial additive….men's women's ad kids. Sure canines would like too if they made them---given the number of booties we saw attiring city dogs this winter…def a market
Introduced last season-the Sidewalk Surfers' INSTAPLAY footbeds-are the "…exciting 'yesss'---to the relaxing 'ahhh' …of the YOGA MAT/BEER COZY selections---made from real yoga mats, fyi.

Oboz True To The Trail impresses-a small company-available in big and small stores, online and off- that distinguishably delivers hiking/trekking boots that garner accolades for those with serious adventures underfoot.

Mendenhall Mid…upper of mixed Nubuck leather and DWR-­‐treated cotton/polyester canvas combines durability and breathable styling, soft cushion tongue, protective toe/heel counters. MSRP $125. 
We loved the new assortment of casual wear shoes for guys-that while not destined for mountain summits-still pack serious comfort and know-how ---- featuring the company's signature BFit  insoles. 

Mendenhall- upper of mixed Nubuck leather and DWR-­‐treated cotton/polyester canvas combines durability and breathable styling. MSRP $110. Middle-Cody-slip-on ease with oil suede, textured nylon/cotton lining MSRP $95.
Engineered for a perfect fit-the BFit boast 3 layers of EVA for support and durability---- like soft foam underneath the ball and heel of the foot-where its needed, a forefoot section with medium density EVA…and great arch support-combined with mid foot and heel made of EVA resin that supposedly lasts super long.

And those details-are just the footbed. Plenty else to admire too-including the handsome style.

OOFOAM™a patented foam-has helped recovery sandals/slides/clogs brand- OOFOS™ exponentially grow in size from its launch-just a few seasons back. (Reminds us a bit of the CROCS story).

We have a pair that were just what we needed ---after a mid-winter marathon…in that our usually get cramped feet felt wonderfully coddled…. unlike our turbulent post-race belly.

Interesting story-as the proprietary compound --made of visco-elastin---absorbs more than 37% of shock over the leading EVA foam.

Savvy footwear veterans produce these recovery shoes (patented)-that we only wish ---came with burly outsoles that could withstand winter's elements. Priced from $39.95 -$49.95 (for clogs)-the rainbow shade options-  matchy match with wardrobes….in a rather inexpensively.

outsoles-have similar MO-in select styles----pictured below

Comfort fashion footwear-imo that category distinctly belongs to women's shoes because guys would not put up with anything less …has a few good looking labels doing wearable street style shoes. Täos in particular-is a standout---with its Curves and Pods® removable footbeds…that hug the contours of feet, are shock absorbing-yet firm enough for right amount of cushioning for those on the go. 

A reason, we feel-these shoes are not only city worthy-but excellent options for travelers who don't pack a lot of footwear…and need multi-tasking shoes that are all day-night worthy.

that desert boot looks more feminine-with nice gold stud trims and stitch details---STELLAR boot comes in nice washed out (we mean that in a good way) soft tones---like this Burnt Orange

New styles for Fall 2014-with the Curves & Pods® footbeds--- and similar concept on the outsoles for double whammy of comfort that's durable too.

STELLAR boot color waves- Brown Suede, Black Suede, Dark Khaki Suede, Burnt Orange Suede 

Center Peace-in black suede-$120…
Town Center-$126

Stealth-lifestyle sneaker look in burnished leather----

SON-R Technology™unique outsole/midsole design-for natural sensory feedback for crossing rugged shorelines

It's not your father's SPERRY topsiders is what we thought after we got a look at these beyond cool looking but techy driven SON-R Ricochet Boot ($85). 

State of the art Hydro Grip™ lugged rubber outsole-optimal agility, stability and traction

No not street wear kicks as such-

...but def. could be in some zip codes, for sure. But it delivers protection and support with the neoprene uppers (warmth) and an adjustable ankle strap for ez on off, and great fit.
inside-antimicrobial linings 

 ALSO new-the Voyager-for men's and women---$120. Versatile and packable---multi-tasking and waterproof- with ASV Technology™ in the heel absorbs vibration and shock (30%). Land lubber friendly---nice sneaker style with neat nautical/sonar wave patterns on the upper forefoot…
Sperry-Men's Voyager

adjustable bungee allows for secure wear and easy on/off
SPERRY WaterBlock™-breathable waterproof membrane-dry and comfortable. 
adjustable Wave-Siping™ disperses water underfoot for < slippage

woman's Voyager $120
 Available July 25th...

SPERRY® Top-Sider