Wednesday, March 5, 2014


all in a row-the different styles of Pendleton shirts-through the years
Outdoor Retailer/SLC

Given all the performance buzz about synthetic textiles…the original performance textile -wool ---good old fashioned wool---was noticeably (colorfully) used in apparel and footwear---more as a style statement than as a warm story for winter '14/15.

90 years worth of different pocket details and cuffs ----
Doubled with the American Heritage thang----it was not surprising to see that the Pendleton Woolen Mills' booth at OR…was populated with gobs of celebrators of this brand-90 years old birthday…and retailers just discovering the retro appeal of this label's iconic blankets-and the new, up-to-date line-The Portland Collection- aimed at those more of this century than last.

The original surf shirt...

The Board Shirt-a Beach Boys classic---and they didn't even need a stylist to look so cool

Woolen Pendleton Mills-the fabric/print is distinguishable---the peacoat for women-warm and has a slim fit…fresh interpretation of the iconic textiles!

LOVE. Another great coat-using heritage print of Native-American inspired pattern-in a bold red/bright navy blue. 
The Thomas Kay Collection=for men and women features Pendleton wools, USA made-classic silhouettes---
fine spun worsted wool gabardine-Pendleton Wool /Thomas Kay Collection Gambler Shirt-in solid tones…vintage 1930-western look $188

A standout. This gorgeous MADE IN THE USA NIKE N7 blanket ---a pattern wonderfully designed by Nike's Derek Roberts. On the left/right-actually the bottom and top of the blanket, mirror images-a smaller pattern of arrows repeats and grows in size towards the center.Center is the Nike N7 mark-3 arrows pointing back to signify past generations, 3 arrows pointing forward =future generations, ..and arrows in the center=current generation. Geometric -emphasized by the color choices-  black, white, grey-reference native Americans and modern math all at the same time. Plus the background on one side of the blanket is black, the other white-very cool.---Labels are the iconic Pendleton Woolen Mills and the black/cream Nike 7. $299 Available Now
From the website...
A portion of the proceeds from this blanket will be donated to the American Indian College Fund. 

  • 64" x 80" 
  • Unnapped, whipstitch binding 
  • 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton woven in our American mills 
  • Dry clean 
  • Made in the USA Nike N7 Mission
    Nike N7 [fund] is committed to inspiring and enabling participation in sport for Native American and Aboriginal populations in North America. We believe that sport has the power to unleash human potential. A physically active lifestyle promotes more than exercise. Involvement in sports and physical activity leads to greater self-confidence, enabling youth to be a force for positive change in their communities.

  • duffels and backpacks  with leather trims-plus other accessories -laptop bags, totes, clutches, umbrellas, hats, cross body satchels...

    It has been awhile for us to see a preview by Ariat. The new collection of boots/shoes in collaboration with the aforementioned-Pendleton Wools are terrific. We totally fell in love with these distinct western style kicks-under the design inspiration of Modern Equestrian-Santa Fe… Countryside. (Plus East meets West- in a later post).
    on the left--Meadow with a southwest inspired higher western heel, almond shape toe, wax tip leather …easy to wear boot hits the leg just right, in Tawny/Pendleton $239.95…on the right -the square toe- Caldera -Tawny/Pendleton $299.95

    Piedmont Walnut/Pendleton $164.96 and Shannon H2O Walnut/Pendleton $209.95
    Another Pendleton/Ariat eye catching collaboration----with an English equestrian countryside sensibility = tweedy wool mixed with full grain leather…the Piedmont clog and the Shannon H2O.
    FYI-with Ariat footwear-it''s not just good looks-the footbeds/outsoles are designed with all-day performance and comfort features that make these kicks durable and wearable (a list)…like their Advanced Torque Stability (ATS®) Technology-stabilizes, supports, and cushions the foot---

    PART 1
    PART 2
    PART 3 
    PART 4
    PART 6
    PART 7
    PART 8
    PART 9