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Beer in classic cocktail flavors are a "thing"....we say-stick with the beer you drink (already)- and trick it out.

From the Sapporo Beer team...some tasty ideas that might help you re-think your drink:

A Shade For All Seasons

SMITH OPTICS, WILEY X, ROKA Sunglasses For Outdoors, Sports+City Streets
Protecting one's eyeballs from sunlight ---and providing crisper clear--wider views's performance-lifestyle sunglasses deliver THAT-PLUS...


Lightweight frames, great grip vs sweat, shatterproof lenses, and often-interchangeable - prescription abilities.

Travel Essentials-Outdoors/City/Beach

Getting aways to anywhere via public transport - demand multi-tasking, thoughtful clothing. No checked baggage or single purpose anything-head to toe apparel/footwear needs to function in many environments.
No wonder outdoor brands are becoming urban mainstream labels...that stuff is made to last, weather tough-and now-fashion-y enough-for today's casually dressed traveller.

Not an item to wear-but a traveller's essential...the multi-tool pocket 'knife.'
Raise your hand -a round of applause.if you've had yours confiscated by TSA.



Solution-Victorinox Swiss Army multi-tool less the blades-travel ready-TSA okay. YAY. Award winning Jetsetter@work Alex knife $70 has a removable 3.0/3.1 USB stick (on the left) with 16 GB of storage (ideal to store all those pictures you're gonna take w/o having to access a cloud service)-plus six functions-scissors, bottle opener, wire stripper, Phillips screwdriver0/1 magnetic-and a key ring.


Athlete Essentials-snacks that are healthy, food illness free, in single serve convenient packaging...and most likely-TSA that food items get the once over, over.

WILD PLANET...sustainable seafood - Skipjack or Albacore (not pictured), tasty tuna options-one of 70 kinds of tuna (!!!). The single serve 3oz pouches-average 1100mg EPA and DHA Omega 3, are kosher, gluten free, pole and line caught...and come in sea salt or no salt options. Bonus-solid meaty hunks-not packed with liquids like competitors.

HOST GIFTS:No Booze (But) The Best

Tasty alcohol free thank-yous-for the host...

Olive oils are as refined and sophisticated-with nuanced flavors like those other palate pleasers -wines/bourbons.


From ITALY Redoro (extra virgin olive oil DOP Veneto) captures the amazing flavors from the acclaimed olives from the Garda area... a special spot -renown for its favorable climate+soils. 

Athlete Essentials: Healthy Easy Eats/Treats

Some endurance athletes relish the post workout food experience- preparing/eating ritual- ahead of time or in the moment.

And then folks like us-are too tired and just want to fuel asap. Even those meal delivery kits=too much effort.


We  avoid the 'diet' stuff with unpronounceable ingredients since it's not gonna get us over that finish line any faster...among other reasons. Added sugars and unnatural creations (GMO)...are in the 'avoid' category too.

SO-easy nutrition simple foods-that are treats too---are under thirty seconds from 'go' to eat...and qualify as dinner as well as snack foods. IMO-all the same, these days.

1) NONA LIM rte "crap free" soups.
Gushing accolades by tempted attendees at the recent Fancy Food Show (be impressed-lotsa good stuff there)-plus an encounter at the NYC Triathlon expo-had us eager to sample these well packaged soups. NONA LIM's assortments of both vegan, gluten free, non-GMO non-dairy and non-vegan soup …

Athlete Essentials: Basic Skincare

Dining Destination: La Pulperia-Latin American+Amazing

The 80's stretch of Second Avenue-newly accessible -thanks to the Q train...(upper east side Manhattan)...doesn't lack for eateries...including the spacious La Pulperia-with its festive outdoor bulbs lighting up its entrance.
Still...that may not be enough to beckon passersby inside.

"That would be a big mistake," opined my dining companion-a confirmed gourmet foodie...who's earlier in the week -had lunch at the fancier Jean George-deeming it "meh."

What had both of  us gushing about every itty bitty morsel of food...was Chef Carlos Burroz's winning ways with sustainable seafood, inventive pairings of textures and spices...and welcoming service-with a no rush, aim to please MO.

Fancy Food Show Trends-Glam Soda+

Part 7

Health nuts can get their fizz on...with better for you versions of carbonated drinks-plus some unusual drink additions that are interesting.


 Interesting, indeed

AND Super Bowls... 

There were so many prepared meals...(just heat kind, add water and 'nuke, freezer only, shelf stable-beyond soup/pasta mixes of 'yore...etc) for snacking, and meals- it was overwhelming.
Bottom line -expect your local grocery store to  clear shelf space-cold or not-for a slew of these less densely ingredient(ed)  21st century Hungry Man