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Men's Jewelry -Bling Goes Big

Men's jewelry-is an increasing percentage of the fine jewelry sales ( $200 and up) ...  picking up post pandemic via DTC sales and independent retailers. Bold individual pieces now commonly join men's watches- that have been de rigeur for style (and status) since 'aspirational luxury' 19th century pocket watches got made. What's on trend: notice me as well as more classic subtle rings, bracelets and necklaces to wear all the time by guys and gals who like the look -including customizing accessory staples in modern solid/ mixed shiny/matte metals and materials. Impressively many collections that are hand made-boast the sophisticated details normally associated with the top tier luxury brands. At a recent Accessories Counsel showcase...the demand for men's jewelry really stood out for several lines on display. Phillip Garbriel Maroof's namesake Phillip Gaviel -an upscale collection had keepsake wearable (and stackable) silver sterling woven chain bracelets (

Nourishing The Largest Human Body Organ-SKIN

The importance of a healthy gut microbiome (good bacteria+immune cells)-fed by pre/probiotics/fiber...has been scientifically linked to our well being.  Everything from anxiety levels, digestive issues,  auto-immune diseases (as in rheumatoid arthritis), and even lately neurological diseases like Parkinson's   are linked to having bad gut health...  So common sense would of course -synch up nourishing the largest human organ-our skin-via pre/probiotics to obtain the skin equivalent of a healthy gut.  From Europe-the LaFlore skincare collection actually contains (rather amazingly-via patented technology, 3rd party tested ) LIVE pre and probiotics-from good for you yeasts and bacteria strains- that encourages healthy cellular turnover for fresh glowy skin...creating a desired barrier to environmental pollution that is everywhere, indoors and outside. Especially good for sensitive skin-its key products are truly loaded with good bacteria (ingredient lists confirm this). In order of u

Day Spas & Skin-Body Care/Yon Ka Paris - Naturopathica

 The cut off (shutoff) of Pandemic life  generated  many-lifestyle changes - elevating home centric self care out of need and necessity.  Taking a deep breathe on one's own turf- and self healing hot baths, foam rolling sessions-  are helpful. BUT there's a reason people who make a living out of their head to toe selves- think professional athletes, film/stage actors-on maximum output mode-and in front of eyeballs for more than 8 minute Tik Tok vidoes... have on staff, travel with -or frequently partake of -the healing hands of trained humans.  Arguably a trained esthetician,  anesthetist, or massage therapist surpasses the abilities of self abilities and even technology to achieve results desired. NO AI needed ( hmmm beauty/tech Oddity-the latest IPO filed) Accessible home gadgets LED masks and big time $ spurges like infrared saunas and hyperbaric oxygen tanks deliver -healing touch-less treatments but really do not replicate the positive (lingering) effects of a targeted

"OFF"-Season Travel:Australia

WHERE TO GO: - iconic Sydney Opera House-def worth a tour. Haborside piers-redeveloped as as housing, theater/dance performance centers, and art galleries The down under destination for the USA (other side of the equator)-is almost the same size-land mass  wise-as the lower 48.  There's never really a 'bad' time to visit Australia (AU) but if one wants to avoid crowds-avoid the AU school term holidays -and  holidays of nearby countries like Indonesia, Malaysia etc... Low crime easy to get around Australia is popular.  The weather ranges from hot dry, hot humid tropical in areas-closer to the cooler temps further south-with even a few light snow spots in the mountains possible-in July.  TIPS: Americans need a visa (ha otherwise we'd all move there)-get online in about five minutes online using your USA passport. sums it up... There's a 14 hour time zone difference-so one 'loses' a day-going there...and gains it going back. On our from the USA -LA

The Destination=THE BIG UNWIND

With the 'journey' now being more stressful than ever (high gas prices! airport delays! flights canceled!) the destination needs to be more 'calming' than ever for need to chill out seekers.  For Value Budgeteers wanting self-care with a tad less emphasis on the 'self' (as in selfish) part-the non-profit Le Monastère Des Augustines, very accessible from the tourist destination-Old Quebec City...offers basic and contemporary rooms, healthy meals-dining (and snacks/picnics to go), multiple inclusive wellness packages or á la carte hands on holistic options of soothing pampering  massages and treatments,  mental respites in leafy green outdoor sanctuaries -including yoga, private meditations/movement sessions -and seasonal winter cross-country- downhill skiing on the slopes of nearby mountains. With a history of spiritualism combined with the healing -Le Monastère Des Augustines has reimagined and updated its historic architectural structures and thoughtfully

RECOVERY RITES (Good Idea, Botanika Life)

 Post pandemic self care and the resumption of 'experiences'-including endurance races (and all that training that goes into it)-require different stuff   (think actively anti-inflammatory)  than just sitting around for another Zoom call. Everyone 'gets' the hydration part of workouts (by now)-but the 'what' to drink has really evolved into functional beverages as an option to fuel/ feel  better -or in the case of Good Idea -to stabilize blood sugars' highs/lows via a winning no -calories-no caffeine-no-junk mash-up of sparkling water spiked up with amino acids and the essential mineral chromium ( chromium picolinate , precisely). That doesn't leave you spiked up (or crashing). A quarter of a can ( lightly berry flavored=totally refreshing)-with a meal-is suggested-evens out metabolism too and miraculously when we tried a half a cup of the refreshingly cold black currant flavor  -at a recent Organic Spa Magazine event-the need for the usual later after