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Less Ingredients: Food+Health Trends

Trends sometimes become a way of life beyond the initial  marketing campaign. A prime example=the footwear/fashion designs/products for "athleisure" lifestyles-an established moda operandi for years now.

AND worldwide consumers want to eat and consume-products with fewer, simpler ingredients -and where they're sourced, too.
Top Picks for snackin'packing protein options...and chewy bars.

Are there any snackers (non-allergic) who won't gravitate towards a handful of almonds -if offered? We doubt it...even peeps we know who think they won't like almonds, like almonds. No wonder this protein packed, fiber + nutrient loaded (Vitamin E, calcium, potassium, magnesium, riboflavin), healthy monounsaturated fats-cholesterol lower-er-low glycemic index, naturally gluten free treat-1 ounce portion (23 nuts 163 calories)-that tastes crunchy chewy good-is becoming the most popular nut in America. WONDERFUL ALMONDS...widely available, fortunately-serve up NON-GMO certified- one ingredient natural/raw almonds- and also a satisfyingly salty- roasted/salted flavor. Available in 6.3oz bags that theoretically-are shareable HA HA.
We remember RXBARs -from about 2 years ago-because the thinking behind this eats by-the- at that time new company started by guys right outta college-was so right on. Shelf stable-energy bars made of naturally lean, protein packed egg whites-and a few other ingredients..."No B.S."
Now available in multiple authentic flavors---our newest crush-is the maple sea salt (12 grams protein, 3 grams fiber, 220 calories-with maple water+sea salt) -in tough competition with chocolate sea salt. Widely available -also in kid sizes (7 grams protein). No artificial flavors, preservative, or fillers, and no gluten, soy or dairy.
 Pure Organic Fruit and Nut Bars aka the Fig Newton slayers..have that pleasing texture-chewy tasting goodness of that cookie-but better!
ALL flavors-have this soft chewy cookie dough texture (dates in the mix) and are USDA Organic, Non-GMO certified, gluten free+kosher. Pictured Wild blueberries that yes, contain real deal blueberries. Bonus points-these bars are multi-taskers-=try using a few as a pie/cheesecake crust. SO SMART. Recipes online.
Widely available.

every flavor of Pure Organic bars are delicious....our fav =practically dessert worthy-Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie...