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New Year's Goal-"Lose" 5-7 Years:Brighter Smile

Part 2

TV worthy-mega- wattage teeth...and a bright smile-can erase years off one's visage.
 In the past -those pearly whites could only really be achieved with pricey veneers or in-office visits-but now, easy to use at home solutions are helpful-maybe making teeth 1-3 shades lighter... IMO-credible alternatives.

Oralgen NuPearlAdvanced Teeth Whitening kits-are truly a groundbreaking at-home 'beauty' this system reduces stains+discolorations-without some of the toxic ingredients of other methods.

Available in 2 formulas-the one we <3 ...the="" a="" href="®32x-products">NuPearl 32X
is 99.5% natural ingredients and 100% vegan in fact..but both versions (the other is NuPearl12x with Ultra Pure 12% Hydrogen Peroxide...are free from latex (that would be the LED light mouthpiece), parabens, sulfates, sodium fluoride, Triclosan (you'd be surprised how many whitening toothpastes still have this in them), PEG/PPG, salicylates, gluten, artificial color and flavorings.
Oralgen kit---easy to use, just uncap syringe-line the mouthpiece with thin coat...using tip to cover the front of the piece. LED lit mouthpiece-akin to the kind used by professional salons/dentist offices-can almost double as a Halloween item. Refill kits-(4 syringes) and LED Bright replacement kits -available also. 

FYI: Spokeswoman for the brand, Angie Everhart -model/actress is passionate about healthy living and wellness...and super nice too.

Bottom Line on Time: Requires 25 minutes a day commitment-each kit has a 28 day/4 week supply...and a handy whitening pen to use post java inhalation when on the go.