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#NYFW Backstage Beauty Rolando Santana A/W 2014 Zoya, Nails, MAC Cosmetics

 Eyebeam Studios, West 21st ST. NYC

 Rolando Santana's A/W 2014 collection- is polished and classically feminine.

So no surprise-the nail designs by Rachel Isa-creative leading light of Zoya Nails perfectly captured what sophisticated nail art should look like…elegantly dramatic AND very wearable…just like the clothes-in tones of white, black and berry periwinkle.

For the third collaboration with Santana-Rebecca Isa designed a textured reverse half moon crescent of subtle sparkles- in a cool neutral (Pixie Dust in Dahlia/Lola $10) that synched with the glittery eyes…applied beneath/atop a warm cream nude polish (Jacqueline/Pina $9) over entire nail bed…what she coined a reverse French nail.
colors used-renamed for the show…available now: left-Jacqueline, right-Dahlia Pixie Dust…5 Free btw-as are all Zoya Nail offerings. With 300 different color/texture polishes available…if you can't find a favored color/finish from this company- there is something wrong with your nail needs.

Lead Manicurist Sunshine Outing fixes a smudge…NO WORRIES

 To get this look-there are two layers of the Pixie Dust in Dahlia-in the shape of a  crescent moon applied to nails, under and again, over the Jacqueline /Pina full coverage creamy shade. Adds a richness to the nail-that way.
we like the shine-but the models got a matte top coat...

Hair was polished -shiny and straight...

stylist favorite L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin hairspray

relaxed backstage scene---

 Romero Jennings-for MAC Cosmetics-had the models looking gorgeous---- with subtle glittery lids-----his deft use of makeup brushes and a black light-found at a local Home Depot-was key to seeing what the runway bound models really look like-under the white light of the catwalk-versus the yellowish tints of backstage light.

Jennings-held up these three brushes as key -lips/eyes/pressed powder--- we'd use the largest one-for concealer where needed.

MAC Cosmetics Products used-quite the list

a smoky eye-with water line-lined in black-with a triangle shape
with a triangle shape

brows-brushed up-filled in, if needed

everyone asked Jennings about this light-he must of said the same thing 58 times…always with a smile. Impressive.

on lids….

very light application of pressed powder under eye...

matte finish-coffee walnut color contour

runway pics-from Zoya Nails