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#NYFW #TIA CIBANI Fall/Winter 2014

the catwalk-Persian Rugs-Banilivy Rug Corp
Prince George Hotel-NYC

This Tia Cibani designed collection was all about exotic texture mixes, often layered -of unique fabrics---fashioned into silhouettes cut for ease of movement...

The Fez hats by Joy Kim  and the flowing silhouettes (skirts, Kaftans, capes), often layered (pants)...evoked the Turkish Whirling Dervishes ---

It wasn't all just a Sufi mystical trip however …the closer fitting ensembles-made from engineered wool fabrics- were examples of chic cold weather separates for modern women on the move. The capes, belted coat and a boxy melton wool jacket over slim trousers in kohl gray=warm and stylish.
LOVE=Cypress green---in several styles...
gazer wrap jacket in cypress, midi whirl skirt in cypress cupro sateen, cypress fez, metallic kohl brogues

As former designer for Ports 1961…and clearly with a close relationship (or several) with fabric manufacturers, Cibani eschews the mainstream market, and has a clear vision of what her customer wants and appreciates-the rich colors, lush/bold damask rose and tulip patterns...and the tactile sensations of deeply toned shiny silk twills and sateen, one of a kind brocaded materials-often mixed with lighter chiffons. Clothing not for cookie-cutter trendsetters but for those with a distinct wardrobe-comprised of the eclectic and exotic…embedded with the practicality too-like side pockets----a detail we love.

the wool and twills-mohair, melton and 'engineered'…cozy comfort for colder climates


Other credits: Shiseido hair, makeup, nails, Julia Lundsten-shoes, Stylist Haidee Findlay-Levin