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#Legendary Style-Optimum® Salon Care AMLA LEGEND STYLING RITUAL Hair Care Line by Softsheen Carson

and The Color Of Beauty Panel-Fashion Week Meets Black History Month

Celebrity Stylist-Johnny Wright-(left)…with Mezei Jefferson Senior Manager of Education, SoftSheen Carson

A get together at the buzzy Chelsea's Dream Hotel- featured the effervescent Johnny Wright -SoftSheen-Carson's Artistic Director and  maestro/master stylist who delivered the revolutionary 50th B'day do' of First Lady- Mrs. Michelle Obama-(side swept bangs-like a beauty shot heard round the world)- and the graciously quick witted co-host-actress, Tracy Ellis Ross…

…arriving from Los Angeles just in time to enjoy NYC's slush-fest of ice, snow, rain-so fun.

IMO those incredible shoes she wore are strictly for indoors in this weather.

Both accomplished individuals were there to informatively launch three new products from the Optimum® AMLA Legend haircare line:

WHAT's New:

Optimum Amla Legend Oil Infused Styling-via 3, user friendly new products …

Lustrous Body Blow Dry Mousse $6.99-for touchable locks that needs flexible hold/volume-use on wet-pre-blow dry hair from roots to ends...

Enchanted Finish Hold + Polish Spray $6.99 -for hair styles that defy humidity and frizz potential conditions…without the crunch-a waterless hold and polish coif guarantee to last.
with the Enchanted Finish Hold + Polish Spray…used after styling-for frizz free hold
touchable soft hair-proven

curling barrel-gave these cork screw curls-perfection...
 FYI-this is a terrific haircut-healthy hair too...

AND Treasured Temple Edge Tamer $6.99: for hairline polishing up-shine- not grease- keeps those potential flyaways looking smooth…ideal for 2-3 day hair that's up in a bun.

REALLY Impressive: OPTIMUM AMLA Legend Miraculous Black Oil Dull Defying Haircolor-a  semi-permanent hair color -imparts a glossy shine courtesy of rejuvenating Alma oil…is ammonia free, requires only 4 minutes to work it's magic (start the clock after application complete, fyi)-survives 28 washes…and covers grey tresses. Bonus-the hair color kit comes with 3 Amla-infused products-a conditioner, oil moisturizer, and rejuvenating oil -for after care, WOW. We hope the company plans on more color options sooner than later.

WHAT Else:

AMLA oil-made from a native India nut- penetrates the hair shaft to actually repair/heal the hair strand -leaving users a touchable glossy shine…an actual "molecular shift" versus just sitting on top and coating locks -and, at times- weighing tresses down not in a good way- let alone imparting a greasy look that is never in style. Versus a healthy shine.

NOTE: It is impossible to repair a split end…as Mr. Wright emphasized over and over---trims are required…but the overall hair looks better anyway-and fuller too.

Ms. Ross answered our query-as we travel a lot and find the water effects the way our hair looks, big time. HER TIP: "I use less product in LA and more product here" (NYC)---as Johnny Wright noted the PH levels vary…and so does the mineral content of H2O…and-geez who knows whatever else goes into the mix.

We are not Optimum's AMLA Legend's target market-especially since we wash our hair daily- often 2-3 times a day during race season when training for triathlons in warmer weather, and drip dry it-like always…BUT we use these moisturizing hair products from this line-because they are suitable for all hair types-even treated locks- with relaxers, Keratin, dyed, etc.

The healing Amla oil ingredient base -benefits everyone with a head of hair.


Coincidentally-earlier in the day at NYU's Kimmel Center we luckily caught a few minutes listening to a smart panel of women- gathered for a discussion titled Color Of Beauty Where Fashion Week Meets Black History Month. The session was expertly moderated by VH1s Delaina Dixon ----with panelists Harris Faulkner, Fox News, Danika Fraley, Estee Launder, Melanie Martin, Style+Beauty and Beverly Johnson-an icon-Supermodel/Entrepreneur.

We picked up several words of wisdom…including…successful entrepreneurial efforts are helped by having business smarts- acquired from toiling for other people in a large corporations, the importance of having a passion...a vision for what's missing in the market- and a plan to get things done, and how social media and crowd sourcing is giving women-including minority women- a leg up to start and promote their businesses-  to get out there and cultivate a niche market-trumping established companies with more $ muscle…and spot-on comments by Beverly Johnson on the destructive, structural impediments of racism.

Interesting tidbit-, Melanie Martin-of recounted how Beyoncé discovered her favored costume designer on Instagram. Get posting!

raffle basket-some guy won this-no doubt, he will be newly popular!
Another incredible story-the multi-talented Beverly Johnson did not know she earned the cover of Vogue magazine-the first major fashion read featuring a model of Afro-American heritage- until the day it was printed/delivered. A phone call from a pal versus a Twitter message months before an issue gets out. AH---the days before social media.

Kudos to sponsors Fashion Fair-a makeup line that offers multitudes of colors for ethnic women of all skin tones. We got glammy by the company makeup artist Bernard Giles-who can often be found at the Macy's Herald Square locale. He selected the perfect bubble gummy, high sheen pink gloss that made our green eyes pop-and subtly applied matte bronze and a peachy pink to our cheeks-that really woke us up, visage wise. Looked really good. THANKS.

Another sponsor- Hanes Silk Reflections Hosiery showed off their new for Fall 2013 Blackout Tights- complete opaque coverage -that is all day supportive (not compressive), hard to run pantyhose $13 (a new high waist control top version just launched $14)- that is ideal for colder temps…and a rather nifty Blackout Convert-A-Tights ($15) leggings/stockings where the foot part, uncovers-then tucks into a pocket for a footless look option. No bulk under the arch either…in three colors-Blackberry, Coffee Bean, and Fig.
INFO: The Color Of Beauty Awards