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ELEMENTS SHOWCASE Candles, Skin/Bodycare, Part 3

No-it does not smell like a pastrami sandwich, on rye with mustard…but kinda sweet smelling-and we think, only available at the actual Katz's Deli on LES/NYC

MADE nearby Brooklyn's Navy Yard-the site of Alexander Wang's most recent runway show that had attendees all discombobulated--- Joya Studio's candles are beautifully packaged in hand cast porcelain - and deeply fragrant with sophisticated scents. They also do limited editions-like the one with Katz's Delicatessen, pictured above…and home sprays/scents…as well as being the master makers behind candles crafted for upscale fashion/skincare labels.

broad spectrum sunscreens-MD SolarScience-lotions, creams, stick and a quick dry body spray 

We slather on sunscreen more than most people we know-as long course triathlon and marathon training has us outdoors- year round. And we've found that on our face in particular-the scent free mineral sunscreens that are physical blocks-protect us the best, last the longest- and don't sting our eyes when the sweat starts dripping down.

The Daily Anti-Aging Moisturizer has broad spectrum SPF30 UVA/UVB sunscreen protection built in---goes on lightly-and is ideal for all except the most super oily acne ridden skins. We like how it also has anti aging Niacinamide, Vitamin C, and green tea in the formulation-as well as calming agents so it's a one step process-before heading out the door. Also available Evening Facial Repair Serum with stabilized Retinol plus a slew of other healing ingredients, and Daily Eye Repair Emulsion-that we pat on under and right over our concealer.
MD SolarScience, founded by Robert J. Friedman, MD. went through a re-packaging since we discovered it a few years back…and as big fans of the tinted Mineral Crème sunscreen (see Athlete Gal's Guide)…it's great to see the collection expand to include skincare options too-featuring a proprietary blend of healing agents dubbed Provention-R™ Skin Care. As anyone who often feels/prefers the real deal effectiveness of a costly name prescription drug vs the cheaper genetic version-the ingredients can be identical-it's the mix that makes the difference…imo.

LipSpread-by vbeauté-moisturizing and anti-aging biopeptides, At $19 not inexpensive-but it is long lasting…pretty shades. 

VBEAUTÉ has gotten a lot of press…as the product line is free of a lot of irritating additives-and has a smart looking travel case -TSA friendly- that's been a big seller for the brand. New-the Lip Spread-glosses…pictured above.

Packaging is a primo concern with luxury priced cosmetics/skincare…as are unique ingredients. Notice both qualities intact here---especially with the gold flecks-as in 24k gold leaf …by Belmacz Beauty, a collection of cosmetics and makeup tools by London based Julia Muggenburg.

Glow Moonstine-transluscent lip gloss-with 24 carat gold leaf and ultra-fine crushed minerals and with healing candelilla cera-a vegan alternative to beeswax. $33
Caught our attention! Other tinted tones available as are cream eye shadows and Oyster Pearl powders.

Another exhibitor-THYMES-showed off some new packaging too for it wide assortment of home fragrances, bath/body products…and candles.

Another welcome 'trend' in the beauty biz- is the heightened awareness of  toxic and/or untested chemicals added to  a lot of products in this country- including banned substances in European/Australia/Canada that are okay to use, here.

INDIE LEE- a cancer survivor-embraces the green glamour of skin and body care with her eponymous collection of moisturizing oils, washes, cleansers, toners, beloved by beauty editors-spot blemish lotion/stick-and an apple based, anti-aging serum.

Bonus-a detailed list of ingredients ("good" and "avoid")-on the website helps sort through it all for the concerned…good to know (maybe memorize) in general- especially if trying to avoid GMO or Gluten ingredients...

this amazing table belongs to Lalique fragrances...