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#NYFW THAKOON A/W 2014 Backstage Makeup-Nars Cosmetics

NARS created the look for the Thakoon AW ‘14 runway show...
LEAD ARTIST: Diane Kendal for NARS Cosmetics

LOOK: “This is the pacific northwestern girl coming to the city to see the sights and visit museums – natural beauty with an odd artsy twist.”

 Key products used to create the exclusive look:

Chocolate side of Dolomites Duo Eyeshadow (New for Fall 2014, for now try Bengali Single Eyeshadow)

Lips are (again) neutral-toned---eyebrows are groomed and fairly strong-nicely framing a brown penciled cats on drawn on thickish. Key of course…perfect glowing healthy skin…or else risk looking washed out.