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on left-Violet Neprene Harness Dress

Layan Aguilar on right-whimsical chiffon printed flirty flip skirt with Dior-esque fitted and peplum jacket in fashion forward peachy pink. Love this look…change the footwear, ditch the stockings-wear it year round. 
Project Runway's Layana Aguilar
Fall|Winter BLOOM 2014 Collection
Solo New York Fashion Week Debut
Another Project Runway contestant-Season 11's Layana Aguilar debuted a very savvy modern gals' wardrobe to a packed house of supporters and fashion week attendees.
beige wool jaket, black knit turtleneck sweter and leather pants

We know that anyone on that reality show particularly the latter seasons when thousands competed for an audition-is already a good designer-otherwise they wouldn't land a coveted spot on that Heidi Klum helmed ode to fast fashion, high style, and massive tailoring skills- combined with steely nerves

color block and solid-adorable
Well fitted, flattering -edgy and feminine… the jackets/vest in solid neutral tones easily transcend any season--- and the pretty pinkish pastel shade  also used-hit the right palette note-and looks great on all skin tones. 
soft and tough chiffon dress- original print 

Assuming this talented Brazilian born talent had a bit more time to conjure up her presentation outfits-IMO the standouts were the outerwear pieces made from leather, neoprene  and wool crepe.
burgundy wool pea coat-over charcoal suede leggings
adorable-scalloped ruffles on a high zip collar take this alpaca wool coat above the usual. Black neoprene trim adds edge-so cute-we could see so many pals wearing this…and us too!
sweet-peplum bottom balck leather wool jacket,  deep v neck peach top-neoprene, black wool crepe palazzo pants
wardrobe staples-black neoprene rain coat-detachable hood-black leather pants-on left, on right-beige vest with leather collar, black leather jacket-grey wool knit sweatpants-in separates you'll go back to wearing again and again.

Other credits: Celebrity makeup artist Karlo Karlo for Beautyblender using NYX Cosmetics, Hair styles by Adi Nujeidat and Yaniv Levy from Y Gallery Salon