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#NYFW Backstage Makeup-Mark+Estel A/W 2014, Zana Bayne-ZOYA NAILS

Caravan Stylist Design Studios Pop-Up Shop@ Century 21 -1972 Broadway, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/Lincoln Center, Empire Hotel NYC

 Okay, it's only been a few days and about 75 shows in-but the theme for Fall 2014 so far seems to be about comfortable apparel-wearable, realistic clothes. The makeup -mostly nude or barely there lips (versus the red-orange lips of Spring 2014), clean skin, strong brows, browns and grays for quietly defined-or smoky eyes-remind us of the 90s-when grunge ruled and Helmet Lang was worn by every gal we know.

The Mark and Estel backstage-yielded up more theatrics-lookwise-which makes sense with celeb wearers like Lady Gaga and an Olsen twin.
Goth lips-darker lip pencil-burgundy red lips, black lined eyes----cat's eye with more oomph…combed back hair with height at the crown-worked perfectly with the "Old World" clothes.

The nails-were positively demure by comparison- a nice contrast-with Zoya's Natural collection-Chantal (#ZOYANATURALS) used on all the models- available now.

serious mascara, dark lined lips---striking …would say it helps to be young to rock this...

ZOYA nail polishes are all-5 Free---and their MO is to work with the model's natural shape nails…

IMO-pretty shiny pink Chantal works on all skin tones too.

Another fresh fabulous fashion event-featured the hot hot hot Zana Bayne leather collection-just in time for Valentine's day--is what we thought.
model reading-studying never sleeps-even backstage

This time the nails matched up with the lips (House of Glam makeup artists did the honors)…with Zoya's Pepper-a brick burgundy red - on the nails.

Zoya Pepper $9 available now

sexy leather outfits---

totally love these-custom made-order available by Zana Bayne ..with a web shop featuring leather+metal harnesses 

Zoya team

bold lips/brows-eye water line got lined with a white pencil….

SCOTT BARNES BODY BLING added a glowing bronze to skin...

Designer Zana Bayne on right-with models before show

Before all of this occurred- we ventured across the street- to the always busy Century 21 store-where Caravan Stylist Design Studio's (celebs and industry gals go to the 'home' at 88 Madison Ave. to get styled from head to toe-if need be)--- secured a second floor space for a pop-up shop-providing a place to relax between shows-and get a touch-up.

Zoya Nail polishes, Poppy Cosmetics-and Sexy Hair products saved the day for many…included us-with our sopping wet hair transformed into a perfect long beach waves' coif in record time. BRAVO!!!

BTW-Century 21 (to a New Yorker-that does not mean real estate AT ALL) -sells well organized by size, quality contemporary and luxury name brands like no other store on the planet…at discounted prices that are incredible.

Bonus for us-the downtown Cortland Street Manhattan location opens up at 7:45AM!!! Several locations throughout the NYC area are open though-- selling carefully curated women's, men's and children's apparel, shoes for all---and home decor----with updated merchandise constantly delivered An addiction for sure. You've been warned.