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Academy of Art University #NYFW A/W 2014 Backstage Beauty /Fashion Closeups

Lincoln Center, NYC

THE Academy of Art University selectively allows soon to be- and recent graduates- a chance to display their skills on the runway in front of an enthusiastic crowd of supporters and industry pros who are clued in enough to attend this show-looking for future talented hires.

Backstage- we first took in in the elaborate warrior princess hairstyles for the women-designed by Aveda's Jon Reyman.

This season-sewing the yarn trim into fishtail braids- twisted hair was involved. We lost track of all the sometimes complicated steps…but basically-the style is smoothed hair-with two side front pieces corn-rowed---"controlled in the front"----under a gathered into a back ponytail-then it all got twisted/braided into a -"messy in the back…"  piece- pinned under.

Jon Reyman

orange, olive green or off white-sewn in-depending….pinned under
The male models had deep side parts---with firm hold gel keeping it neat.

The makeup was clean and natural looking BUT-with super strong brows…

Aveeda's Sheer Fig (Fall 2014), gave moisturized lips a bit of color…precisely applied with a lip brush

Janessa Pare-Makeup-for Aveda

brushed up brows---extra heft with brow powder/pencil to get this look

serious Dr. Spock like brows-
Hair styles-and models-get boards too-

Nails by Patricia Yankee

Andrea Nieto-B.F.A. Textile Design

Our favorite part of this show is getting a chance to chat with some of the designers- before their talent is shared with the invited. WOW.

As a 'student' show-vs. retail ready sway the storer owners/fashion critics show-the elaborateness of the design and textiles really take center stage and have to be seen up close…as it all take months to craft. A luxury that only exists in the couture world.

ALTHOUGH---in a fast mass maker knock-off world-we noticed a few runway ensembles by NY designers this season-made of  sophisticated fabrics that will never -even in a diluted fashion---find ways onto the racks of H&M…IMO. Expect to pay dearly.

as mentioned below-black laser cut jacket, black oversize mesh tank, dot print button down shirt, wine turtleneck, black printed trousers-combat boots/baseball cap. Runway pictures Randy Brooke/WireImage

these textiles designs-show why Nieto won a prestigious scholarship from YMA Scholarship Fund

Andrea Nieto-collaborated with Frank Tsai M.F.A. in fashion design

Andrea Nieto+Frank Tsai Beauty in Decay menswear collection
dot print button down-laser cut leather close-up

Hong Ni-M.F.A. in Textile Design

woven fabric-amazing

embroidered mesh jacket- above and looks pictured below-took months to embroider-a collaboration with Earnest Huang M.F.A. Fashion Design. Design came first…fyi
Earnest Haung+ Hong Ni

we would have a smile this wide too if we made this glorious oversized hand knit cable sweater-by Jasmine Gonzales-M.F.A. Fashion and Knitwear Design-a rare double major. This knit was dyed in a bathtub.

Nisha Hanna Btesh-B.F.A. Textile Design
Bright colors and prints-Nisha Hanna Btesh collaborated with Jaci Hodges, M.F.A. Fashion Design-1960's inspired pieces created with the use of Shibori- a Japanese technique of resistance felting.

Wool skirt-in a sunny yellow, printed shirt+sweatshirt….on the runway-

Jaci Hodges M.F.A. Fashion Design
Patchwork wool coat-opened the show….

Arijana Kajdi´c M.F.A. Fashion Design-was inspired by her grandmother ---flowing asymmetrical wool coat, hand dyed-in a bathtub conjured up this beautiful tone-a  grayish lavender soon to be a Pantone color of the year at some point IMO.

Joseph Khawane M.F.A. Textile Design-impressed us with the functionality of this wonderful  bumped up cotton based fabric. He used water based dyes to create these eye-catching designs. Outerwear makers of performance jackets/coats... take note---or hire him. We could see a label like Moncler, Kjus, Canada Goose or even a Ralph Lauren---incorporating patterns and colors this well done into their athletic sportswear collections.

on the runway-military inspired shapes---a collaboration with Mingy Du. Loved it----

camo print is amazing---and could wear this in weather tough conditions. Could have been from a designer name under label giant Adidas

Mingyu Du M.F.A. Fashion Design-ironed a lot---

Joseph Khawane+Mingyu Du
Menswear-Elizabeth Castellon
Elizabeth Castellon
Elizabeth Castellon

on the right-Elizabeth Castellon M.F.A. Fashion Design…hometown fav-Bronx native graduated from the incredibly talented stuffed High School of Fashion Industries, with Jasmine Gonzales on left...

Makeup artists---can draw!
All of the winners-----!!!

missed interviewing the two designers in the middle-Flora Cervantes M.F.A. Fashion Design+Lori Solem M.F.A. Fashion and Textile Designs…a few of this duo's efforts-below…


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