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A Détacher Backstage Beauty- A/W 2014 #NYFW

Mona Kowalska---with attendees in background-taking in the  NJ skyline...

sunset over the Hudson Rive-rather picturesque!

Chelsea Piers/NYC

Mona Kowalska's label,  A Détacher has always had a distinct point of view-somewhat offbeat---for the smart, savvy gals…imo-and for A/W 2014-very spot-on---with wearable ensembles for the cold weather in deep autumnal tones.

When we stopped by backstage before the RTW show-the usual backstage calm of this label's show-prevailed

We asked the designer her inspiration for this season's offerings-"après sport-after sport" which as athletes-we assumed meant what we would want to wear after a day on the slopes…or a winter's hiking excursion.

The models faces had a healthy flush (via Shiseido blushes)…that can be naturally acquired after a day outdoors in the cold. Of course-stylistically- the athletic inspired separates -made from materials-like wool-and leather---would be just fine on all gals-whether in or past their college varsity team days-AND those who never ever participated in any sporty activity.
Shiseido hair products too-some o the models'  long locks looked like our hair does-after a workout-a bit frazzled.

Sense of humor apparent-as the run of show: "sports injury/putting the pieces back together"-with commentary…on thought or action-with each model-versus a description of the outfit-what we usually get.

rosy cheeks and lips-looked flush from the cold

The clothes that we particularly wanted- certainly fit the warm, cozy needs of colder climes----including a solid plaid wool cocoon shaped poncho--and in the same wool-a coat dress----and a long skirt -shown with a long length- turtle neck -with a lacy knit pattern and wide hems- under a creamy beige cardigan with red pops of color, cleverly tied at the hip …the layer friendly long johns in soft wools that appeared under many longer knits---plus the best sporty---pull-on sweatpants ever  ...

all runway images- Elizabeth Lippmann

camel plaid fabric-

long cardigan-layerd atop turtleneck and long skirt-we'd wear over jeans...