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Backstage Beauty Venexiana A/W #NYFW 2014-Tela Organics-Hair, Alcone-Makeup

Lincoln Center, NYC

Venexiana's red carpet stunners require elaborate coiffeurs …and Philip Pelusi using Tela Beauty Organics-wonderfully aromatic products-achieved the braided hair equivalent of bejeweled  crowns atop the models.

Polished tresses, transformed into Rapunzel like long braids….

everyone was filming something...

Tela Beauty Organics-Hair Gloss, Composer and Encore-styling creme-for shine and hold-$32/each
Philip Pelusi P2 Define hairspray…did just that

Pinned around the head-and two circular buns pinned in the back…rolled inwards…

Rhinestone jewel pins attached…finished the look...

The makeup table belongs to ALCONE…the insider's place for all those beauty cult brands…had their team applying the makeup for the show.

Dark burgundy lips- long fluttery eyelashes-(false), grey smoky lids above and burgundy shadow underneath-with highlighter under and above softened, barely there eyebrows---delivering classic beauties--- with just the right amount of drama that reminded us of those 30's Hollywood actresses.

Want to know what beauty professionals rally use when they are not reaping a brand…pictured below...
Derma Relief  Serum -from Le Mieux
MakeUp Forever High Definition Exilir-hydrating serum…ALcone sells many eye shadow palettes-one of our fav Visiora-from France

Keromask London  Camouflage Cream and Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water-cleans softly---effectively-perfect for all skin types

La Roche-Posay-Touleriane Ultra and Lucas Paw Paw Moisturizers...

Maybelline Mascaras-not sold at ALCONE but available everywhere else… world wide favorites…and good to know that even beauty insiders ADORER

Alcone False Eyelashes