Thursday, February 13, 2014

#NYFW Leather Japan Presentation-BLACKMEANS® Leather Jackets= Highlights

Thomas Erben Gallery-West 26th Street, NYC

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014

Our Most Wanted From NY Fashion Week-a LEATHER JACKET by BLACKMEANS®

Designer Craftsman - YUJIRO KOMATSU ( and Takatomo Ariga) of "hardcore craft team" label Blackmeans had us hyperventilating-and apoplectically longing for their jackets- on display like artworks that they are!

Komatsu models his creation--- that literally had us following him around this jam packed art gallery-trying to get a clear shot.

WOW. And we were so grumbling on our way over to this far away from the subway destination. We're glad we came. "Plainer- all black" versions of cool cult label's leather jackets are found on sale in the USA-at Opening Ceremony.

 He looked amazing too...

FYI-The Leather Japan Exhibition (till Feb. 22, 2014) -organized by the Japan Leather Goods Development Committee- showcases nine artists and ten contemporary craftspersons' work from three fields--- fashion, craftwork and art- with inspirational references from traditional Japanese culture---straight up to modern times-including what we all want to wear tomorrow.

BONUS-in the back section- a bunch of really well made leather and suede jackets are on hooks- to try on. Seriously-that's how you can tell it's not an exhibit put on by Americans LOL.

artists -names we did not catch-unfortuantely our Japanese is fairly limited to ten words.