Monday, February 10, 2014


Red Carpet-recycled!!!!

Hosted by Caroline Rhea
Hudson’s Bay Company l Lord & Taylor, Jockey International, Inc
Delta Galil Industries, Ltd., Iluna USA LLC, Seth Morris and Roslyn Harte

Cirpiani's West 42nd Street, NYC, February 6, 2014–The lingerie industry feted some of its greatest stars at the 2014 FEMMY AWARDS, last week---with comedian Caroline Rhea hosting the 600+plus crowd.

Carline Rhea (w/o pumps) and Roslyn Harte

…and with

Industry icon Roslyn Harte was saluted with a special President’s Award to celebrate more than 60 years in the intimate apparel industry. She is amazing and there was non-stop congrats for this lady, well deserved.

Additional honorees included a joyful Seth Morris, President & Chief Executive Officer of Carole Hochman Design Group (Lifetime Achievement Award).  Hudson’s Bay Company | Lord & Taylor, Jockey International, Inc., Delta Galil Industries, Ltd. and Iluna USA LLC. 
fun centerpieces----

Bravo: At this year’s event, a special scholarship was announced in memory of Mary Krug, a longtime Neiman Marcus merchant who was Vice President and Divisional Merchandise Manager of Intimate Apparel. More than $50,000 will awarded to students at the Fashion Institute of Technology, studying in the Merchandising Program, which was Mary’s specialty.

The biggest thrill for us though was meeting the immensely talented six Student Council Design Contest finalists from FIT---

All the ensembles were incredible, extremely detailed and took months to craft on the mannequins that served as fit models. We wanted them all and no doubt, our BF did too-we sent him pics from the event ha ha. 

We chatted with all of the contestants-who told us the modern and vintage materials used often served as the starting point for their designs. FIT and industry vet Alexandra Armillax, their professor- was rightfully gushing about each design.

Interesting -as this was a very couture like way to start off NY Fashion Week…and no doubt-more intricate than most anything we would see. Dita Von Teese-soon to bring her own collection stateside--- should check this out, for sure.

Lady Gaga inspired the lingerie shorts by Sarah Davis-for her ensemble "Sleek Surrender"

Danielle Ortiz-"Captured" third place winner

Lauren Amatulli-"Silhouette"

Marie Kathleen Hefferman "Timeless Elegance" second place winner

Demi Chang "Caged"

Cristina Marie Ramos-"Beauty Is Vein"  first place winner

Winners all- each contestant received varying amounts from $1000-$5000 in scholarship funds--- underwritten by Penn Asia Company Limited, Stretchline Holdings Ltd and Regina Miracle International Ltd. The Annual Student Design Contest is an integral part of The Underfashion Club’s mission to help educate, influence and attract new talent for the industry for the future. 

"We are delighted to announce our 2014 honorees, who will join with us in our ongoing efforts to raise funds to promote education, innovation and growth within the Intimate Apparel Industry."
- Victor H. Vega, President of The Underfashion Club

The Underfashion Club is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization established in 1958- to provide Intimate Apparel Industry leaders with a forum to exchange information and ideas, and support the Intimate Apparel market as a vital aspect of the fashion industry through its ongoing commitment to support the education of new talent.