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There are certain aromatic flavors that are characteristic of the holiday season-just about every sweets-snacks we saw at recent tradeshows-had festive offerings-in cheerful shimmery packaging to match...making them gift ready.

LAKE CHAMPLAIN Chocolates-a Vermont company that gets its 'holiday' many ways...with new organic and Fair Trade holiday gifts. Pictured-bite sized richly made-dark chocolates- Peppermint Cream, Salted Caramel, Coconut Cream and Peanut Butter are organic and Fair For Life Certified...ethically sourced chocolates from Peru and the Dominican Republic and the organic cream sourced from Kimball Brook Farm in Vermont. Stocking stuffer options as well as gift box packaging...for give able treats free of preservatives, additives, high fructose corn syrup -plus non-GMO too. NICE.  
positively addictive thin crispy bites of decadence...Sheila's G's Brownie Brittle's gets in the spirit with new flavors Chocolate Chip with Snowflake Drizzle, Salted Caramel with Dark Drizzle and pictured, Mint Chocolate Chip 

Holiday kid friendly-TastyKake has sweet timely treats in bite size portions...including festive Holiday Cookies
So clever---and it works...WAY BETTER SNACKS-savory ginger and crunchy crisp tortilla chips made out of healthy non-GMO corn, quinoa, organic sprouted flax seed for added proteins-all happily merge straight out of the bag...or pair with salsa or a more creamy based dip-adds a smells yummy- spice kick.

VerMints...are USDA Organic mints-that are absolutely fantastic...our fav not pictured cause we ate them too fast-effervescent ginger mint flavor...5 others natural alternatives (wintergreen, chai, peppermint, café express, cinnamon) to usual not so natural mint/pastilles category. GREAT stocking stuffers...

Want to get invited back??? A Salt of the Earth Bakery Brownie Variety Pack of addictive chewy holy cow fab brownies ( The Brownie™, The Kona, The Mayan, The OMG or the Nutty One-all with tad of carefully selected crunchy salts-with or without the gift wrap option -available online=a welcome guarantee!

Montana-has more than just outdoors amazingness-...including cult worshipped award winning gourmet - Bequet Caramels...hand crafted in small batches...available in these pretty wrapped boxes. FYI: certified gluten free and kosher. 12 melt in your mouth, buttery flavors including the latest Fancy Food Show SOFI award winner-Green Apple

ZOE's Chocolates...(see our  earlier rave review here) makes these holiday- this is what a candy cane SHOULD taste like Candy Canes with minty peppermint. Gift sets available for just about every major holiday....
year round pop in your mouth dessert Bites...
DANCING DEER Bakery...offers many HOLIDAY gift ready options to have, to hold, or if can you resist-to give....including "Spread Sweetness" a classic Gingerbread Cookie House Build A Cookie House Gift, Sweet Home Gifts-with charitable donation of 35% retail price to The Sweet Home Project... crowd pleasing gift towers, packed with fabulousness baskets, and festive tins of cookies, brownies, seasonal treats, and samplers...including Gluten Free options!
Gluten Free gifts-like the Brownies-that are deep rich chocolate chewy brownies made of cane sugar, cage free eggs, semi sweet chocolate and flours made from rice and tapioca for non-Gluten goodness. 
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies-are dip worthy-or-pop in the microwave for that perfect melt-y texture...yummy

Fun-Gingerbread Reindeer Nose Cookies....

 Hanukah Gifts too...widely available and online

Dark Chocolate and Peppermint mints-happy pairings during the holiday season...pictured...offerings from Salem Baking, Red Rocker Peppermint Bark...and Lady Walton's Bite-Size Snacks-all melt in our mouth worthy richness with added candy cane red+white candy crunch

Salem Baking Company-since 1930...old world style baking in Moravian tradition cookies

Red Rocker Candy
Lady Walton's

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