Tuesday, September 22, 2015

HONEY+MAPLE: Artisanal Naturally Sweet 2015 Trends: Specialty Foods


Declared the flavor of the year (FIRMENICH)...honey -and we think-maple- are more in demand as a sweetners by consumers seeking more 'natural' ingredients-in everything they eat---and what gets put on their faces/bodies too (personal beauty/grooming products).

Honey and maple products-artisanally made, and uniquely flavored depending on geographic location, soil composition, and the weather-(like wine actually)---from smaller producers based in the USA, France and New Zealand-really caught our eyes (and tastebuds)-at the recent 2015 Fancy Foods show.

Notably-everyone we spoke with in the honey world-remarked on- sadly- stressed and rapidly disappearing honey bee colonies around the world. Factors like use of insecticides/pesticides, hybrid plants,  and environmental-climate changes greatly impact these wonders of the insect world.

AND what this means for many MANY agricultural produce =talking serious $ damage too-for those deny-er types only focused on the bottom line.

Some Highlights:
shaved-grated like the finest hard cheeses-who knew? From Tonewood -Maple Cubes, deliciously sweet and free from additives (not cloying like the fake stuff) Maple Syrup -Single Estate (!) ...plus spreadable  Cream, chewy Wafers, Flakes and Seasoning -we had a tiny sample and used in a self created  tangy ginger- soy sauce- sesame oil salad dressing. NICE.
Bonus points---Tonewood Maple-based in Vermont- donates 1% of profits to non-profit 1% For The Planet-committed to sustainable forest stewardship, climate change research, and local farming efforts.

great house gift by BUMBLEBERRY FARMS ...and yes, crazy squirrels do exist...they are especially good at infiltrating old farmhouses during the winter months. Made from honey, maple and butter- 5-ounce jars of Lovers’ Leap Sea Salt Caramel, Squirrel Crazy Maple, Molten Lava Spiced Chocolate, and Sticky Buns Cinnamon are mouth watering yummy. $40
BUMBLEBERRY FARMS-run by "QUEEN BEEKEEPER" Karen Mosholder -pictured above-  Squirrel Crazy Maple Honey Cream that is worthy of spreading on challah or toasted bread...PLUS ... Heritage Honey---bottled like fine wine in vintage glass bottles with cork stoppers.

Founded by Ted Dennard-the SAVANNAH BEE company's Everyday Honey Line --are all single flower honey, hand harvested...KSA Kosher certified...including the "gold standard" Tupelo Honey (which is a great song too).

Manuka Honey from New Zealand is world renown...from Wedderspoon -a provider of genuine pure Manuka honey with a high pollen count...products include honey, body care and lozenges (pictured below). All have an interesting KFactor™ authentication system which connotes % of Manuka Honey in each product

tasty -and USDA Organic too=Wedderspoon Mauka Honey Lozenges-stock up for the winter
From France...L'Abeille Diligence flavored honeys...intensely unique---by a family owned enterprise...going on 5 generations. We found online available in Europe...and fyi- Certified Agriculture Biologique

We inhale the Honey Stinger mostly honey gels and energy chews during the nth hour of endurance race efforts...but off hours...we partake of the Colorado based company's crunchy sweet Energy Bars-pictured in Blueberry Buzz (23 vitamins+minerals, whole grains, calcium -yogurt, 30% honey, with non GMO soy protein)... and delicate melt in your mouth,  crunchy wafer USDA Organic Waffles -our idea of a Halloween treat (kid sizes too).  We saw at an Outdoor Retailer show--fittingly-Honey Stinger has always been all about the honey-and the ingredient's natural no crash sweetness hat delivers some oomph when needed...without a headache.


September is National Honey Month- celebrating this natural one ingredient multi-tasking sweeter...fittingly-E. Shaw mother-daughter duo have hand crafted a unique collection of honey bee inspired jewelry-with 12% of sales donated to the HoneyBee Conservancy...a non-profit with a multifaceted mission to educate, fund research, and support community outreach.
Eva+Elizabeth---at their Soho Store 107 Sullivan St. NYC

honeycomb ring...and a striking bee necklace have Baltic Amber on a 30 inch chain with faceted garnet  accents
LOVE THIS HoneyBee Ring-Adjustable 
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