Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tasty Buzz Ons-Part 1-Teas/Fancy Foods Show

NEW TRENDS: Fancy Food Show 2015 NYC

Tea Forte SOFTI Gold winner-hot beverage-Vanilla Pear =organic white tea, organic ginger, organic lemongrass, +organic cornflower petals joined by natural pear flavor-deliver a smooth aromatic sip... & bonus points-Fair Trade, USDA organic ingredients + Eco packaging
NYC/Javits Convention Center-

Long gone are the days of corner Chock Full of Nuts spots and only plain ole' Lipton tea- of our childhood...

Supermarket staple Twinings-delivers some aromatic spice for the holidays...caffeine free Winter Spice-chamomile based with apple flavor,  cinnamon & spices+Christmas Tea
While heritage/retro products are pulling at consumer purse strings----the ubiquitous availability of premium teas (and coffees)---and the American palate to expect a quality cuppa'...are welcome modern day realities we wouldn't change (or pay for a nostalgic drink from the past).

Form the most recent Fancy Food Show-plenty of ways to get one's buzz on (or zen in the moment-if want decaf versions)...featuring nifty packaging.

Republic of Tea-showed off some caffeine and non-buzz offerings in stackable- recyclable tins at a special Editor Showcase. Big trend-high caffeine content-delivered here in tasty cinanmon-y black+green teas in the mix---of Hi Caf teas-

Cool---Get Clean Stackable Teas=three herbal teas aimed at specific times of day...AM-a morning herbal caffeine free tea with "a metabolic lift,"Get Clean -a stimulating flush out the toxins- all day sipper, and Get Clean for PM digestive aid. Aimed at the 2 week cleanse types

Not seen at Fancy Foods show (this year) but at a recent holiday showcase by Consumer Product Events- TEAVANA  elegantly refines the ceremony of tea...with a fab collaboration with an icon- OPRAH CHAI STEEP GOOD THOUGHTS ($89.95)...featuring hand crafted tea herbal and black tea chai blends and custom crafted tea for one- infuser ceramic stacker tea mug, and 14oz teapot. Bonus Points=For every gift set purchased, we will donate $4.00 to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation to support educational opportunities for young people, including Girls Inc., National CARES Mentoring Movement, Pathways to College and U.S. Dream Academy.

A blend of buzzy teas (black+ yerbe mate) Stash Power Breakfast.

Ha....the STASH  name conjures up another meaning of that word---but in the tea means an easy to find brand of bagged teas -loads of varieties...

The new flavors showed off including Sunny Orange Ginger-join best-selling (and often sipped by us) Meyer Lemon+ Lemon Ginger.

Sunny Orange Ginger Herbal Tea-tastes like just what it sounds like-nice
Now Always: K-Cups versions available too-something we see in most brands with national distribution.

a blast of freshness-Super Mint-contains wild mint grown in Pacific Northwest

Smooth and spicey-USDA Organic Gold Cup Chai-with tumeric...mild drink-caffeine free available now
handy---love these Stash Tea portable one serving iced tea sticks...add cold or hot-no brewing needed-sold in boxes of 10 sticks/10 servings $3.49. New -iced tea green powders in Pure Green
It's not only flat- MOTTO sparkling matcha tea=takes healthy matcha packed with all the major pluses of many (12) cups of green teas- in a single bottle-a bottle-that is very refreshing-no sweetener needed. Fairly widely available now-including Whole Foods...the 411 =70 calories, five ingredients fresh lemon juice, apple cider vinegar (healthy), Matcha green tea, honey+agave nectar="calm energy"

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