Saturday, July 4, 2015

PACKIN'HEAT to GRILL: Fancy Food Show BBQs+Hot Sauces

OMG-they almost look in in the Pain is Good - from Original Juan- on right-from Kansas-Jack Stack pictured Bloody Mary mixes-logical brand extensions


Summertime-and the grillin' is friggin' HOT!!!!!

Judging by the  aisles laden with liquid fire-at the recent Fancy Food Tradeshow...there are plenty of made in the USA options to rev up American BBQs.

Bonus: the bottle selections are largely made by small companies...many still family own/run...and imo inexpensive way to add bold to REALLY BOLD wallops to any eats.

WHAT:  Expect mild to extreme flavors-spice loaded, exotic peppers and/or booze inflected -both native and from far flung lands =coming to even more shelves near you. 

NOTE: Clean ingredients-we don't recall seeing any products in this group with chemically sounding anything on the labels. 

PLUS-with whimsical packaging and tempting/daring users' machismo- beckoning the brave to taste à la cinnamon challenge.

Some Highlights:

Brazos Legends-alcohol BBQ sauces-Bourbon, Tequila, Beer-from Texas
also from Brazos Legends -Sizzlin' Steak Rub (spices mixed for grilling so you don't have too) and Lonesome Red Habanero Bloody Mary Mix

Gringo Jacks from Vermont-a state with lotsa tasty raft beers-natural brown sugar, no hfcs, authentic smoke from chipoltles left -right: Coffee Porter with local porter, smoked maple syrup, and coffee, Summer Ale with a local hefeweizen, orange citrus and fresh ginger, and Brown Ale with a local brown ale and honey

Still family run---Mrs. Renfro's BBQ Sauces-new "scary hot" Ghost Peppercorn, new slow heat tangy, gentle smoky Chipotle, and still available- hickory flavor, gluten free Classic gets the clean ingredient makeover-no corn syrup, no preservatives ...msrp $3.25

Ass Kickin™ products (Southwest Specialty Food) hail from AZ=started by a married couple with a great sense of humor. Fortunatly the creative packaging includes a selection...
Whoop Ass $5.95- $6.95 hot sauces- each-comes in a gift set crate too (lotsa other amusing choices too---in a later holiday post) from gentle kick of spice to tear inducing...(that would be the Chipolte Fire one)
Pain is Good "The Sultans of Sizzle" cayenne hot sauces for eggs, steaks, tacos, crawdads...left Garlic Style Hot- a special blend of habanero peppers, carrots, garlic, lemon+lime right Zesty Garlic...below--also from ORIGINAL JUAN™Pain 100% and Raw Heat-haberno hot sauce, Bite Me-roasted garlic and smoked jalapeno, Fire&Spice Hot Sauce

DAVE's Gourmet Fiery Foods-all natural, gluten free, no preservatives- is acclaimed for its several levels of heat-from warm to INSANE+ and yes-truly scorching from what we were told by the brave tasters.
on far right "Ultimate Insanity Sauce" joins "Temporary Insanity" and "Insanity" 

BBQ destinations of the USA...get their own the annual World Series of BBQ

BONE DOCTORS use pics of real people on the the Original-smokehouse taste with  the first surgeon general of the USA proudly pictured- fits right in with the company MO "...the Cure for the Common Barbeque"

this is an employee's wife-fire eater for Sweet & Spicy fruit honey sweetness , blended peppers+spices

LOVE THIS LADY---CHINESE SOUTHERN BELLE takes her native traditional tastes and fused with her home down south in Georgia---also does tours, culinary demos

Chinese Southern Belle-mild sweet chile dip, glaze or sauce My Sweet Hottie, You Saucy Thing Soy Ginger Vidalia Stir Fry , Steak Sauce + Marinade -soy sauce, fresh ginger and Georgia Vidalia onion, Wild Wild East Asian BBQ+Teriyaki Sauce with sesame, pineapple+molasses, 

Blair's FEEL ALIVE mo----Bite, Chew, Rub include these FF15 series-"/...handmade with great karma..." 

Blair's Death Sauces... from sweet to super packaging too fyi the MUERTE version is export packaging-and no surprise is 50% more heat

Also from the Fancy Foods Show---Specialty Buzz Ons-Teas and Coffees, 
                                                     Athlete Drinks