Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Better Crunch-Better Snacks: PART 2 TRENDS

Fancy Food Show 2015

What makes a crunchy snack desirable -obvs-taste, crispiness, and now---even the mainstream types want more healthy options---to eats---not necessarily as meal substitutes (though we think cereal is an dinner entreé). Food ingredient labels with less chemistry class items-in the mix...are the ones that are in demand. Even the big giant food companies-are getting the message.

Some Highlights:

Probably our fav meet- the Back To The Roots team... their READY TO GROW amazing Garden in the Can (Basil and Cilantro Herbs- and Mushroom Farm -all organic, easy to grow kits and available at online and at Target)...wonderful gifts.

BACK TO THE ROOTS "connecting families back to their foods..." with Organic Mushroom Kit, Organic StoneGround Flakes made of grown in the USA Stoneground Wheat, Sea Salt and Cane Sugar, and Organic Breakfast Toppers-3 flavors available...Blueberries Almonds, and Buckwheat, Raisins, Sunflower Seeds, and Buckwheat, and Dates, Coconuts, and Chia Seeds.
Back To The Roots-Ready To Eat - three ingredients USDA Organic Stoneground Flakes, packaged in recyclable friendly container, Crisps (not pictured-in 100 calorie packs)...and the Breakfast Toppers (also worthy as a dessert topper too)....are crunchy delicious...and snack-able as is.

CHICKPEAS-natural protein and fiber...are the new nuts in a way...

a play on What You See Is What You Get-WATUSEE Foods was founded in Washington DC with the goal of making it easier for people to live (and eat) healthier...delivers on that mission with certified organic Chickpeatos snacks using only olive and coconut oils (not industrial seed oils), and no additive stabilizers. Four scrumptious flavors-Rosemary, Cinnamon Toast (5 ingredients) and Spicy Cayenne, Tomato Basil (6 ingredients) ) Gluten free+non-GMO

Saffron Road has frozen foods sold everywhere we shop (Halal certified, antibiotic free)...now offers a wide range of eats including these crunchy chickpeas...spiced up with Wasabi and Bombay Spice (non-GMO made with organic chickpeas-five flavors in all).

BIENA CHICKPEA SNACKS in Barbecue, Habanero, Sea Salt and Honey Roasted...crunchiness with flavors that reminded us how peanuts are served up these days---but imo-chickpeas deliver more protein and fiber per serving---'revolutionizing' how Americans snack-made easy,.

Bonus points: donates 1% of all crackers made to food banks + volunteers, uses FSC Certified mix board , recyclable packaging, made with wind energy!
A simple food shelf staple-crackers-have a specialty food life of their own now, commanding more and more shelf space even in the most mainstream of food purveyors...

From Denver, Colorado (of all places)....Savory 34º Crisps blew us away with the patisserie like thin crispness---and delicious flavors- that we think would go just super with all the craft beers that state is known for. Sure-recipes abound and cheese pairings are easy---but we just inhaled our samples on their own...wow. Available in Natural, and two new ones Toasted Onion, Poppy Seed---we could -like the slogan---see pairing them---but sharing them ---eh, tough to do.
 34º Crisps-7 flavors in all-thin crackers eat right outta the box

WAY BETTER SNACKS....like their crispy tortilla chips...add good for you extras- barley and flax...for protein, fiber, and nutrients-delivering a better cracker---that are melt in your mouth delicious.
WAY BETTER SNACKS Rosemarry Me + Olive Oil Sprouted Barley Crackers
WAY BETTER SNACKS Salt + Cracked Pepper Sprouted Barley Crackers---good one to pair up with cheese

These PRIMIZIE Thick Cut Crispbreads (5 flavors) were snatched up at the Editors Showcase-we tried the Simply Salted flavor -tastes great right amount of salt-nice crispy texture and substantial enough for dips imo-simple ingredients-no artificial flavors or preservatives, and vegan friendly-made of wheat flour, sunflower oil, sea salt and yeast---each 1.5oz serving has 3 grams of protein too. Addictive!
YES-the MARY of MARY's Gone Crackers! Inspired to create gluten free goodies-as a person living with Celiac disease

Mary's Gone Crackers-makes her namesakes...but also has these organic, gluten free, non-GMO, soy-free, and vegan pretzels in three flavors--including the Everything Pretzel-pictured. Bonus-Contains 500mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per oz...wheat, dairy and peanut free too. We would dip these in spicy mustard...yummy.

these bites reminded us of mini brioches...
A candy crunchy snack---the chocolate (Snowy, Muddy, Dirty=White Milk and Dark chocolates) deftly workings with the crispy salty thin pretzel sticks....from Red Rocker Candy
Pretzel Chips one of the first pretzel derivatives we can ever remember---here flavored in the hot trend of bold/spicy  Sriracha & Lime

Chipolte Dipping Pretzels...a robust blend of red chilies and jalapeños...spice up this crunch -from East Shore Specialty Foods-specializes in this bar room staple-elevates it for  even the most refined settings...company founded by a woman---with a first product of perfect pairing-spicy mustard.

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