Sunday, July 12, 2015

TASTY BUZZ-ONS- Specialty COFFEEs: Part 2

NEW TRENDS -Fancy Food Show 2015-NYC

Hailing from a family where mom's relaxing pre-sleep ritual was a thermos of black coffee (and a book)...our java tastes are genetic (most likely) and have evolved to where a bro's coffee 'machine' costs more than dad's first car.
Fortunately-USDA organic seemed to be the norm -not the exception. And K-Cups -Single Serve offerings-just about every USA brand we saw...except for new launches...FIRST COLONY was originally out of Norfolk, VA- now owned by White Coffee Corp. (see below) 
Now living in an era of mild-bold, single origin coffees, Fair Trade and Organic-ethically sourced beans, and quality choices over ways to brew- and serve-...present day El Exigentes have loads of tasty choices...!
Jailhouse Coffee-roasted in small batches in Queens, NYC...we liked the Solitary Sumatra

Jailhouse Coffees make a break for it served up 9 blends and single origins...USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance and kosher certified...also AVAILABLE IN BIO-DEGRADABLE&COMPOSTABLE SINGLE SERVE CUPS

Bravo to White Coffee's biodegradable -compostable BioCup™s single serve cups
Something to think about---how all those single serve cups get tossed and are filling up the landfills. Solution-from White Coffee...introduced BioCup™bio-degradable and compostable cups...available in assorted medium to full bodied blends and single origin countries from Kenya-to Sumatra to Peru...USDA organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified coffees, SQF Certified-Level 3

Sea Salt is 'it' flavoring these days. "Helping the planet one cup at a time." White Coffee

Medium Dark -Fair trade Certified Organic, Ethical Bean has 8 choices including smooth espresso -gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up! A Certified B Corp.
this gal was super busy! From Canada-office and roasting facilities run on wind power +renewable energies, donates some proceeds to Guatemalan charities, every bag of coffee is immediately (via QR code) traceable to roasting facility details

NEW TREND: Coffee and Green Tea blends...because-in theory-more anti-oxidants per cup...and what we've tasted-very smooth mild hot beverage---
A bunch of recent Univ. of Maryland grads launched JAVAZEN™ about a year ago. We had a nice chat with a trio of guys who founded-run this DC area company-really liked their whole MO...and imo----great concept!!!!
Types offered/tried-Original at the show which we tried  without a usual dose of creamer-first-blend of organic coffee, organic cacao nibs, organic macha green tea, organic cinnamon  and organic vanilla bean. Smooth -mild taste...def. tastes like a combo of coffee/tea-the tiny nibs visible-with added benefits of green tea and anti-inflammatory cinnamon which imparts a very subtle flavor.
we tried  at home---and taste wise-would put it at -medium=body---ground for a french press-which is our preferred brew way-when we are not in lazy mode the mix is 100% Organic Coffee, Organic Yerba Mate, Organic Acai Berry Powder-the coffee taste is dominant fyi...
-in lazy mode---paper filter in a brew coffee pot-BOOST -see little bits of Yerba Mate
 100% Organic Coffee, Organic Rooibos Tea, Organic Honeybush Tea, Organic Goji Berries, Organic Lucuma Powder, Organic Vanilla

Low acid coffee with an anti-oxidant boost-PUROAST® - a smooth beverage. Founded by Kerry+James Sachs-inspired by the not bitter sips from a trip to Venezuela---we had a single serve dark roast organic blend to demo---verify the rich flavor...important to java lovers. New-espresso...joins (not organic) blends -medium+dark roasts-and half caffeine versions.. There are also organic choices... 
FOX ITALIAN ESPRESSO and COFFEES. We asked what makes Italian coffees "Italian"???? It's the roasting-delivers that characteristic smooth crema flavor we love....simply transporting. FOX Italian Espresso served up delicious sips pictured...left to right-Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Brasile single origin coffees all 100% arabica
no doubt, this stunning espresso 'machine' costs more than dad's first car....from Italy-MORELLINO

Sometimes, it's all in the packaging...

funny...LaCrema Coffee Company Girlfriends Coffee Gift Packs -flavored selections 
We see this a lot more now...air tight -resealable packaging---hopefully-they will be recyclable.
Boston's Best

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