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Not Your Parent's Peanut Butter #FancyFoodsShow #EditorShowcase

Fancy Food Show-NYC

The all-American staple as it appeared last century is so old. Even a casual stroll down most grocery stores will turn up peanut butter-now-as bought by more Americans than ever---opting for"natural" (meaning without high fructose corn syrup+hydrogenated oils, or trans fats), USDA certified organic (which is not costly either)...and peanut butter-spread alternatives made from other nut seeds or even tree nut free...mimicking the texture-tho not necessarily the exact taste-tho still tasty (imo).

Premium peanut butters will please everyone-kids with gourmet tastes ( increasingly sophisticated palates for the pint sized group), millennials...who trade up and want natural eats,  and adults- who have out grown the ordinary.

We are big fans of Peanut Butter&Co. powdered peanut butter ---and this company makes handy squeeze packs (calorie portioned too)---
widely availably Peanut butter&Co. squeeze packs...come in flavors like Dark Chocolate Dreams (yummy!) and The Bee's Knees with a taste of honey in the mix...good for hikes, traveling---and imo kids lunch tho most schools ban the stuff -so ask first! Vegan, kosher+certified gluten free + non-Gmo,

Gourmet spreads...and great packaging too-Reginald's Homemade Peanut Butters made from roasted unsalted peanuts from Virginia and Cashew Butters made from unsalted cashews (Cinnamon Molasses, CashewNilla pictured)-come in the original Fetch & Cure+ on trend flavored spreads-spicy-agave habanero version and our idea of a wedding favor...the Wedding Pretzel Crunch...both pictured below.

not overwhelming spice-but noticeable...with agave nectar sweeter, Habanero Chili Powder, Cumin+red pepper

our fav of the 12 flavors available-cub the pretzel sticks' crunch is genius-with a touch of white chocolate chips.

Even camps as well as schools are going "nut tree aware' as one mom explained to us... and in fact this is a mom owned company...who clearly sells to institutions-with that big tube packaging. a seed butter (sunflower, flax, sesame) made without allergens and in a facility free of major other allergens like dairy, shellfish, eggs, wheat soy and fish fish. In smooth, crunchy, chocolate (with dark cocoa) and vanilla (primo Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and vanilla seeds ) flavors---has less fat than peanut or nut butters---but with high plant protein. Vegan alternative we actually tried and jelly on a cracker... and like... had the same texture as the peanut kind. Gluten -trans fats-cholesterol free....same calorie count as P+B (190 calories-2 tbsps) but with 7-8 grams of protein-which is slightly more.

Chocolate covered peanut butter goes glammy---for adults who grew up and want to indulge a tad better tasting- than the regular ole'
From Gerharts Fine Chocolates Peanut Butter Pups...

cute cute cute-Gearharts Peanut Butter Cups are coasted with rich milk chocolate over artisasan Virginia PB-with dark chocolate eyes+nose dots. Bonus points-5% of sales of this gourmet candy go to non profit -fund rescue pets match-ups with wounded veterans.

Jer's is founded by an entrepreneur originally in his parents kitchens (Jer's Balls-with all natural crunchy P+B center with rich dark chocolate)---and grew into a business that regularly donates canned goods to local food banks. Pictured-above-the Jer's Squares---all types of nifty flavors+textures like salty crunchy Pretzo Change-O surrounding Valencia Peanut Butter and the melt in your mouth worthy Cara Mella-creamy caramel covering P+B enveloped in dark chocolate.

Jer's Peanut Butter Bars...bigger treats than the squares---the Original Incredible has milk chocolate +crunchy rice crisps ...and Toffee Break has buttery rich toffee+dark chocolate---surrounding the P+B

Divine Chunks by Kohler Original Recipe---from central east Wisconsin-hme of also-the top tier resort+golf course...these chunky peanut butter two bite size milk chocolates chocolates...are aptly named. 
We didn't grow up with the typical American diet and that included having a lunch box staple PB+J...but we did grow up with shelled and mostly unshelled peanuts (and fav pistachios) as regular shelf staples. YAY!!!

Like tasting a tablespoon of peanut the real deal ingredient-in the shell- or shelled-reveals the quality-faster-when consumed unadorned.
BELMONT Gourmet Virginia Peanuts even look better than the mass market name what occupies most grocery store shelves!!! As with all food groups-the flavored offerings just keep growing...pictured the Artisan Line including- cinnamon+sugar, salted caramel, peanut brittle (candy like)... 

this is the growing region of the country-southeast VA and north part of NC...sold in bags too and nice touch-does custom labels for weddings and as giveaways at events. 

begs for a margarita or cold brew...latest flavor
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