Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Backstage Hair/MakeUp/Nails Academy of Art University NYFW SS'16

Moynihan Station-West 33rd Street, NYC

PART 2 (Part 1)

A  bit of a maze layout---backstage at the spacious Moynihan Station gave the teams of makeup-hair-and nail artists/technicians-some room to get the models ready, in time-for the Academy of Art University show.


THE MAKEUP by Victor Cembellin and the MAC PRO Team

Groomed brows powdered+brushed, defined contoured cheeks in tawny bronze, black lined upper lids but nothing overly dramatic, neutral-slightly tinted natural lips...

Victor Cembellin gives guys powder gets rid of shine

A light attachment on an  iPhone...ensures the perfect 'face' when facing the runway lights...that can drown out makeup-even when a natural look is desired. Red carpet and to an extent-HD TV makeup is same---

backstage makeup staple Embryolisse, Evian spray water

Bioderma mineral water- great way to remove models tough to remove makeup-maybe layered on from a prior show.
a lineup of makeup stations-fairly neat

typical MAC PRO TEAM MEMBER 'kit'
number of brushes=staggering and they are all clean too!

THE HAIR-Jon Reyman for Aveda;
Jon Reyman for Aveda

men's board ---they fell into two categories for hair+makeup: Euro Soccer-Stars the new aspirational silhouette for guys these days,,,and Alien Sex Fiends (hair very slicked down)...
Very precise hair cut-slicked down using Aveda products 
women's hair was "Rosemary's Baby meets the 21st century"---figured that meant a plastered down hair-like how a baby hair looks when born...using the models own hair-without attachments. FYI-not wet hair-very stiff to the touch.

team of 3 wielding hair dryers...caps ensured flatness upper section of hair

hair gets doused with Aveda Flax Seed Aloe

Products used-Brilliant, Confixor (medium hold), Flax Seed Aloe (serious hold) available at

THE NAILS by Patricia Yankee

Patricia Yankee---and her team gave all clear shiny manicures- "as usual"

IMO-one show's polish the models will probably want to keep on...
What Else

Much has been Instagrammed about MODEL STREETSYLE...but imo-they kinda dress like their parents---staple top=tees---including one in homage to early 1980s fav band  JOY DIVISION (!!!), l/s plaid shirts, jeans...workboots, Vans slip-ons, mid-low top sneakers...the same 'ole


selfie stick...not a back scratcher...technically speaking
charger...smartphone charging station great idea...

mint infused FIJI water...nobody seems to drink tap water these days.

A lot of models are students---reading real books-Bonus Points!

Models do eat food---they are just naturally beautiful---and have naturally thin that age---that's why they are models!
two friends---have a great sense of humor...hope they had fun this NYFW!