Sunday, September 20, 2015


Retail deliveries don't always coincide with fashion weeks -or the weather---which partially explains why we saw plenty of sunglasses and hats at the Fall shows last February-but a surprising lack of these accessory eye protector-head covering musts-during the most recent Spring shows.

And so many designers license out their names for these high margin items too. Hmm.

Other observations-of course, well crafted accessories are year round wearable...and some are available year round too.

AND-less hype on one kind of wearable= the wearable techy 'stuff'-vs last season's shows...maybe the Apple watches-FitBits already garnered so much attention...the focus on the wrists seemed to us-to be on luxury watches that take oh-1450+hours via hand wrought-highly skilled craftspeople-- to make--- vs 2 days for a smart watch via highly automated machine.

OR think of it this way-a collectible piece vs replaceable one that needs an upgrade about a week after purchase.

Some Highlights:

Gorgeous-handsome-substantial-these time pieces by Perrelet 1777- honor its founder's innovation-  the self-winding movement-with all facets of the highly skilled watchmaking art, under a single roof (in-house).

Amazingly-Perrelet produces its own escapements-including the balance spring....which impresses us way more than say, someone developing an app for an iWatch something...

Turbine Chromo-Automatic movement, P-361/ Perrelet exclusive chronograph-central hands indicating hours, minutes and chronograph seconds. Sapphire central 60-minute chronograph center date at 6o'clock, Pin buckle. Stainless steel case with black PVD coating. Rose gold (18CTS, 4N) Turbine, Center and Bezel ing, Ø 47.00MM. Back rubber strap.

Limited editions...


hand hammered silver cuff bracelet with exquisite gemstones-encased in 18k gold and diamond accents-made by NYC resident (Turkish born) Lika Behar -an artist inspired by ancient jewelry making techniques---meshed with the beauty of the modern feminine spirit. Exquisite.

statement pendant-by Lika Behar-we think would look great with a glamorous evening gown or casual white v neck tee/denim attire.

we are big fans of mixed metal jewelry-modern classics with substance-hand made by by Denver based John Atencio

Tahitian pearls this magnitude are rare-in a strung multi-strand bracelet...other selections made from South Seas or Akoya pearls
We have written up the multi-generational, family owned Mastoloni "The Most Beautiful Pearls In The World™" company before---and still ---every time we see some of their baubles in person-it is like we are seeing them for the first time-all over again. Breathtaking-beautiful---lustrous pearls---never 'get old'--and are appropriate to wear, day or night.

Innovative designs-brilliant cut white diamonds in 18k white gold -Tahitian pearl -or-white cultured are options in the limited edition Collection pieces that are all timeless- with a contemporary feel...made of the finest quality pearls in rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, strands and pins.

A raw textural piece and very eye catching in this silver setting-Geo Collection
Mother -Daughter design team E. Shaw Jewels offer literally hundreds of one of a kind,  contemporary jewelry pieces using precious + semi-precious stones, metals-from the high end 18k gold-to allergy- free stainless seen as a whole- at their jewel of a boutique in SOHO-NYC (107 Sullivan Street).
we love this unique ear cuff- as modeled by designer  -with diamonds and garnet stones...


Proving that art and commerce do mix...these exotic Fish Skin clutches by Allison Mitchell were presented in midtown's Lilac Gallery.

minimalist chic in bold other details needed...

ERIC JAVITS RESORT-SPRING Presentation was transporting ---hand crafted pieces-of finely woven materials...proved rafia- artistically-meticulously handled- is a luxurious textile.

Details, details, details -handbags and hats (pictured below)...finished flawlessly---make a poolside staple into a fashionable urban statement.

Found-the perfect "Peanut" beach tote and packable Tiki Visor-by Eric Javits . Inner compartments and zip closure...chic and very practical for off the beach too.
inside-a plastic zip compartment for wet bathing suit---smart

corals and pinks are Resort's staple colors---beautifully woven Leila Coral Mix handbag-with a 13" shoulder strap extends to a 25' cross body drop-Eric Javits

Coral Mix in St. Barths (front), Squishi Capri in Spark with 13" shoulder drop extends to 25" cross body -big enough for iPad...and Ami gold bucket bag-10.5" shoulder drop extends to 21"cross body drop-also big enough iPad. Love shimmery metallic gold for summer.
on the left-the Patina Gold Rio with Sea Horse  (a detachable cross-body strap)  a favorite the color combinations and the trims of gold metal leather SO chic.
Americans tend not to wear hats as stylish as these---the way women do elsewhere...but we strongly feel that a chic chapeau---can dress up any outfit...from casual to cocktail. Packable Havana hat...UPF50+---fashion+function.
---barely bigger than a baseball cap. So much nicer! Mondo cap

Packable Gondolier -Natural/black

Making a statement-Tiki Lantern Hat-packable and whimsical...visions of Audrey Hepburn attired in something like this.
does this classic fedora silhouette ever go out of style-NO. Packable-Sun Crest -Peanut/White with grosgrain ribbon trim

The dramatic shape of this sophisticated outfit's hat was really the focal point- and the first thing we (probably everyone) noticed on the model. Photographer:Eka Halim-Zang Toi 2015-the hat is by Eric Javits

bold pops of color---can be inexpensive too---like these classic chain iPad size handbags and iPhone cases by Rolf Bleu Blue- we saw at a QVC holiday preview


The shapes of the sunglasses previewed are by and large classics-round, cat's eye, pilot, and square(ish)----it's the lense colors and components- and materials of the frames that are very 21st century.

Sunskis...a company founded by 2 entrepreneurial guys-funded on Kickstarter--- already got on the cover of Outside magazine, Polarized lenses and 2oz frames-in a travel case+microfiber bag priced $48-$58. 

We still wear our classic Vuarnets  we got in middle school days...and no surprise-they're back! Still made in France with their signature mineral lenses=high levels of optical quality+protection. FYI Jean Vuarnet- an Olympic Gold Medal skier  and Roger Pouilloux -a French optician ski enthusiast-founded the brand our fav styles we saw at a preview for Fall

Carrera -another brand that was a very popular name---refreshes for 2015-16. Pictured-Carrera 5002/TX-Signature collection-contemporary feel+perfect fit.