Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SALT ON: Gourmet Salts:FANCY FOODS SHOW 2015 Trends


Caravel Gourmet French Salt Sampler-$22

A few years back -as a host' gift for the annual Thanksgiving---we brought pretty glass jars- packaged bunch of specialty salts...that was received with a verbal "thank-you" but a visual "what the heck am I going to do with this."

HA. In a few years...specialty salts-fine and coarse, sourced from all over the world are so mainstream now-a stroll down any super market aisle will offer up several options... and focused retailers for gourmet types-offer up dozens of choices now-with distinct tastes and colors-nutrients+minerals.

Some Highlights:

France's Baleine Sea Salts -from the Mediterranean...were the first-upscale coarse salts we remember seeing in our local grocery store...
Baleine Grey Sea Salt-Fine from Guérande-convenient opening w/ multiple measuring spouts

Baleine Kosher Salt-naturally crystallized...additive free sold in 33.5oz box
Retro Tin- Baleine

NATIERRA-tag line "Superfoods with Soul" includes Non-Gmo and FAIR TRADE-Inkasalt™ 
Natierra Himalania Fine + Coarse Pink Salts
in an easy shake canister...

Caravel Gourmet had quite the number of different sized offerings of Himalayan Salts---in solid bowls, cooking-serving slabs, containers, grinders, candle holders and lamps!

Himalayan Salt Cooking Brick is huge and weighs 10 pounds-smaller sizes available too-lay on a grill and cook veggies, fish---whatever-right on top, Company also has dozens of natural, smoked, infused, and spicy salts...from all over the world.
The Spice Lab has many MANY salts and salt blends (180) Tequila Shooters Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses (fun) and finely crafted Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps...among its many product offerings...we got to try the citrus salty and a tad of heat- Chili Lime Margarita...sprinkled on fresh cucumber slices--- just in time for National Tequila Day (July 24th)...great authentic taste!
FYI: National Margarita Day=February 22nd.


Make totally indulgent cookies/brownies (SOFI Finalist 2015)---top with specifically chosen coarse sea salt -as  sensory exclamation points=artisanal home baked goods from Brooklyn based SALT of the  EARTH BAKERY!

"Everything a cookie always wanted to be" is a worthy mission statement for every eating offering! With Maldon Sea Salt.

The Mayan Brownie-w/ Halen Mon salt

Bonus points for using rich chocolates from 100% Fair Trade Certified USA Guittard Chocolate Company...and beautiful packaging too-using sustainable materials and vegetable-based inks.
can see the Maldon Sea Salt atop The Chocoholic

Salt of the Earth Bakery-showed off its mouth watering chewy brownies and cookies (including those pictured and The Nutty One-with peanuts+ Sel Gris, The Whole Shebang, and The Wild Oat with whole grain rolled oats, raisins+ Bali Rama Pyramid from Indonesia) to eager media types at an Editors well as to retailers at the FF Show.

The Chocoholic-has 3 types of chocolate for melt in your mouth indulgence....
each cookie carton has 4 well sealed large preservatives
home baked freshness
The Good+Evil -has juicy chewy cherries in buttery white chocolate with Maldon Sea Salt, The Heavenly One has whole grain rolled oats+ Bali Rama Sea Salt
2 Brownies-soft intensely chocolate chewy kind=classics...with a tad crispness up top---sizeable so like the above picture-slice them up for smaller servings. With Halen Mon salt...the only certified organic salt producer in the UK (Wales).
The OMGGB-aka the "HOLY" mother of a brownie-chocolate laced with chewy caramel+ French Sea Salt=AMEN.
The Kona with Kona Deep Sea Salt-love this serious chocolate+aromatic espresso each bite aka "welcome to paradise"
co-founder...and happy taster (no doubt) Alexandra Joseph Rabbani. FYI: Widely available NY-CT-NJ , VA and MD-Balducci's. plus online.
A Few More...

Coop's Microcreamery has plenty of Gold Chef winners including this  non-GMO, no corn syrup -Salted Caramels

Sea Salt gets top billing in a slew of sweets...including these cookies by Lady Walton's -in resealable bags

MISO CARAMELS from Gearhart's Fine Chocolates-butter +Japanese Miso-sweet salty taste. 
Plenty of crackers have upscale Sea Salt elevates the crunch... Wäsä Thins
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