Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CONVENIENT EATS-Fancy Food Show Part 3



, CAFE , Red Rocker Candy, , Brownie Points

Aisles in the supermarket-we usually skipped in the past---shelf stable cake/cookie boxed mixes and frozen products ---are popular-giving consumers a homemade-ish option that requires little more than lighting a oven, stirring/slicing up and washing up the pan...

Nowadays -the mess free mixes are mix-ups of more 'natural' ingredients -that can be pronounced without a degree in (food) chemistry...and often come delivered in festive packaging for the holidays or gifting (a latter post).

Scratch & Grain Baking Co.....just add butter+egg---portion control always a plus as is -non-GMO ingredients and natural food colorings! Several flavors-+ kits available...-gluten free options too. Founded by two moms-no surprise there...bonus points-recyclable box-not all printed cardboard

impressive-appeared on Shark Tank

BetterBatter-takes food allergies seriously with gluten free flour and cakes/pancakes/biscuit/brownie mixes- and allergen free (like dairy, corn) mixes ---AND new for 2015 CORN FREE POWDERED SUGAR. Bonus points:gives back BIG TIME---10% net profits donated...and has a .org internet address. Founded by a mom... NAOMI POE---

exotic ready to bake frozen cookie doughs-Jen&Joe's Cookie Dough has the natural ingredients on the front of the box...a trend we saw elsewhere-and think is a trend we'd like to SEE MORE OF. 12 individually frozen scoops in each box-no need to defrost...6 flavors 

we didn't see this...but arrived in our inbox...

Parlez-Vous Macarons???? Practically as popular here as in France...merci to all bakers+importers involved in rising standards -in this crispy lightweight cookie.
great midtown spot W. 36th Street-now 3 more branches---MacaRON CAFÉ makes custom macarons
French company-and a big one at that-THIRIET -boxed macarons- shelf stable option----

Remember those Chex mixes??? This VA based company gives a tasty makeover-from Red Rocker Candy-Rocking Chair Mix-salty-sweet-cereals, almonds,  pretzels, +white chocolate
whatever happened to all those corner bakeries we grew up with? Rising rents+some offerings now like shop in shops in  big chain stores doesn't help-but we miss the locally owned -made on the premises option...
SOLUTION--SILVER LAND BAKERY delivers its treats---including 17 versions of brownies-and old fashion bakery bars...yummy
party platters, gluten+sugar free options, vegan options
yup-flashbacks guaranteed -of those Rice Krispies-Marshmallows-M+Ms chewy treats that harken back to the days of Leave it to Beaver! Crispy Rice bars from Chicago's Silverland Bakery...

LeCoq Cuisine-frozen-and heated ...

many many pre-made gourmet pastries available...

NY founded by transplanted French guy...LeCoq Cuisine products are in the frozen food section.
  Years ago-on our junior year abroad -we landed in Paris-and could tell the Americans straightaway-they were inhaling croissants because those fragrant-buttery selections= so much better than the USA, those flaky little pieces of heaven come quality frozen-just heat up...made with real butter, Madagascar vanilla, and signature flour...

LOOKA-to go-name is a take on a real life Luke---a real line of grab and go pastries and cakes come in convenient sizes...joining popular macarons ($4.99/6).

Right now, in five flavors-Black Forest, Chocolate Caramel, Lemon Meringue, Marquise (dark chocolate ganache+moist chocolate cake), Tiramisu. The French Patisserie---the mother ship is CA based

ciabatta bites...four flavors-one serving size -version of the larger loafs...good enough to eat with nada

VERIFIED NON-GMO baked breads  Boulart-is a company from Canada-served up chewy textured deliciousness---we were surprised how much better tasting than the usual and available in 4 flavors...BOULART is available coast to coast including D'Agostinos in NYC---delivering fresh French Baguettes, Sandwich Buns, Dinner Rolls, Belgian Boules, Fougasse, Submarine etc---with no preservatives, no additives or added sugars,
ICE CREAM-is always a convenient dessert or main meal ha ha ha...exotic flavors abound but we LOVED Magnolia's version pictured here...---great tasting way to get a buzz-Kona Coffee, Chocolate+Macadamia nuts-made in the USA-tropical fruit flavors too-and packaged recycled materials ECO BONUS POINTS

De Ver...Caprese Mousse=rich treat---spreadable appetizer for gourmandes-made in the USA

A Paella Kit-from Spain...everything you need-including the pan! 
Drink alternatives by MOCKTAILS-add alcohol or soda---shake it or stir=done. Fun simple way to have festive drink-fancy cocktails or sangria---boozy OR free of...pictured, the Karma Sucra Cosmopolitan=imo-a great gift too- four packs $39.95.

Cocktail mixes form Charleston, SC...Bittermilk is  the real deal--- and love the retro medicinal style packaging...

NICE-six cocktail mixes...better than what a pro can do ?--- retro drinks are having a moment-including the classic,  Tom Collins -Bittermilk provides the mix- made of Organic Lemon Juice, Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Natural Extract of Elderflower and Elderberry, Centennial Hops---add gin (or vodka), lots of ice-top with soda water...FAB.

SABLE & ROSENFELD had attendees conjuring up their 'dirty' side---with new Martini Juices and Tipsy Dirty Martini Mix, made from fine quality olives and twice filtered proprietary olive juices.  The specialty food products-Tipsy Cocktail Condiments---Vermont Tipsy Onions, Whiskey Tipsy Cherries, Tipsy Olives (in many flavors), Tipsy Tapas, Tipsy Cocktail Stirrers---we bet the female founders of this company were/are the most popular hosts ever. Probably not tipsy to run a biz ...though.
The most convenient foods---of course-the delectable tidbits that someone else cooks up.

SUPER FUN: The Culinary Competition organized by Maroc Export in partnership with Traiteur Rahal...

Couscous from Dari...
not meat eaters---but we were just as happy to inhale these...akin to biscotti ...beg for coffee to dip in

The rules were straightforward...take signature Moroccan ingredients...provided by Moroccan companies: Olive oil: Dessert Miracle from Atlas Olive OilArgan oil from Dip&Scoop, Dried Apricot and Preserved Lemon from SICOPA, and Couscous from Dari...
---to create: An American Burger with Moroccan Flavors.

Ingredients provided in the basket: Meat Beef, Minced meat, Egg, Butter, sliced Cheese, Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Cumin, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Crystal Sugar, Ginger, Saffron, Olive oil, Cooking oil, Argan oil, Prune, Dried Apricot, Nuts, Sesame, Preserved Lemon, Onions, Fresh Tomato, Lettuce, Sandwich Bread, Hamburger Bread

why we did not take samples of this home...whaaa????? Divine

The Made In Morocco exhibitors----included a lot of HAPPY CHEFS

There were 4 teams that included  students from The Culinary Institute of America and International Culinary Center ---
Laura Villevieille and co-founder of Sir Kensington's -and Brown Univ. grad-Scott Norton--and the winners-btw 

Saaaa Malaki on left

 The judges:
·Chef Claude Godard, Maîtres Cuisinier de France (France Master Chef) and chef & owner since 1999 Madison Bistro and Jeanne & Gaston, New York City.
Chef Palak Patel (on the right), one of the food industry’s newest rising stars, Chef Palak Patel has already gained critical acclaim, including victories in famed shows “Chopped” and “Beat Bobby Flay” on the Food Network.
Chef Habiba from Rahal, the regional culinary reference in Morocco and in North Africa. The caterer for the prestigious families and celebrities in the region. With its 64 years history, Rahal house is in continuous improvement and development of traditional and trendy Moroccan Gastronomy.

Also from Morocco...
Orientines Palmiers...packaged crunchy flaky heaven in several flavors.
Around the show...

Crepes -just 'stuff' + cook...
BROWNIE POINTS: grab and go---piles of individually wrapped,  chewy gourmet brownies from Ohio based bakery---

Chicken something-there was a line for it...Korean-American fusion
waffle maker...

European Import-Cheese-almonds, fig paste-