Thursday, September 3, 2015


NYC/SLC-Fancy Food Show-Outdoor Retailer

Seeds and nuts---are the on trend old is new-ingredients-getting top billing in healthy types of crunchy snacks....that are increasingly non-GMO certified---which is what USA consumers want----and don't see as a "marketing ploy."
Why that is so hard to get----baffles us.
HEMP is superfood hot---just too hot for the Feds to allow this multi-tasking crop to be grown in the USA haaaa. From Manitoba, Canada -Just Hemp Foods...serves up non-GMO tasty Toasted Salted Hemp Seed-that are great out of the convenient size resealable 1oz bag....the Hulled Hemp Seed...we sprinkled on oatmeal and a green salad-for added nutty crunch taste -that's more like pepitas-in texture...not peanut peanuts. A vegan protein source too- and healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6 balance (1:3), 18+ amino acids, allergen free seeds with 10 grams protein per serving. 
Chosen Foods...(name still cracks us up) bites with Chia are chewy crunchy delish-with nuts, chia seed and mango...naturally low sugar/high fiber, non-GMO-with sesame seeds delivers 900mgs of Omega 3, calcium+4gr protein per serving.
Made in Nature USDA 100% organic certified, non-GMO Rosemary Harissa Fusion-adds some hot wasabi spice to fruity chewy cranberries, cherries ---and crunchy almonds, cashews...with some rosemary to add some herbal flavors. Interesting combo for salty-sweetness that satisfies. Our fav tho-the Pomegranate Ginger Fusion-chewy crispy- raisins, sunflower  seeds, figs, dates, apples, sultanas, almonds, cashews, walnuts, seeds, ginger and pomegranate-with maple syrup, sea salt, cardamon+orange zest-all organic-in the mix.  
KIND bars intro'ed their hot spicy Strong&Kind selections (roasted jalapeño, hickory smoked, Thai sweet chili, honey mustard, honey smoked bbq) last summer...aimed at man snacks' inhaling millennials who gulp down beer nuts....but in a more portable bar form delivering 10g protein-per. 

Best packaging idea we have ever seen---consumers upload the pictures with commentary aka WRAPPER STORIES to PICKY BARS social media sites with #lifepoints...and every few months ---an image (with the story) is selected to be featured on a bar wrapper. THAT IS customer engagement expected in the 21st century -not just some hashtag dreamt up by digital consultants to be relevant.
PLUS-the gluten free-non-GMO bars are chewy -crunchy---mixes of sweet-salty spicy-depending on the flavor. Company was founded as a pro-athlete's (with a Stanford degree)---solution to serving up a performance bar made of real food ingredients calibrated for nutritional and training needs....aka "Real Food That Fuels You..."w/ 4:1 carb protein ratio from nuts like peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pepitas, hazelnuts and walnuts (depending-200 calories each). 
one of seven flavors-PICKY BARS Smooth Caffeinator-gluten free, dairy free, soy-free, non-GMO-with 25 mg caffeine-⅓ (or ¼) cup of coffee. FYI-this wrapper story TOTALLY impressed us-this guy captains USC's tri team-with really challenging on the bike- Lake Tahoe Ironman on his radar. Put in perspective-just finishing that race would highly likely secure a podium finish-our AG.That tough. 
Powered by certified gluten-free oats and honey... there is a Lola that inspired Lola Granola bars... and taste-wise-the right amount of sweet and crunchy-with 31 grams of whole grain-and a simple to understand,  ingredient list without all that crap and/or artificial stuff including high fructose corn syrup (it uses gluten free oats and is certified non-GMO)...and no rice or soy fillers-either- a common ingredient in other 'natural' bars---but instead- with flax seed meal, sunflower seeds, and shredded coconut. Impressive tasting too- we tried the original LOLA with cranberries+almonds, vanilla extract+cinnamon. Dairy+soy free.

NAKED GRANOLA....for breakfast or as an  all day-snack staple...we eat granola as trail mix...on a hike. Non-GMO-egg+dairy free-four flavors inspired by family trip destinations-all with probiotics too and made with produceable ingredients don't need a chemistry degree for---curious to see how this news concludes.
NAKED GRANOLA=BIG BONUS POINTS-donate 1% of net sales to non profits fighting hunger. 

NEW crunchy snacks...EPIC's Hunt & Harvest Mix...combines popular chewy grass fed animal based protein bar with nutrient rich berries, nuts and seeds. Four flavors available...this is a growing food category...for meat eaters...with plant based crunch in separate packet.

organic coconut flakes on the left, beef jerky on the right...

CHOBANI continues its juggernaut Greek Yogurt march on America, all taste buds yearning for healthy slightly indulgent snacks, and shopping lists from coast to coast (and school lunch menus-impressive)...with  CHOBANI FLIP™ crunchy snack combos in interesting packaging- separate 'Flip In' cookie like crisps to mix in with the yogurt part. Sourced from hormone free milk-but we noted the crispy part has palm oil in it- which we hope is sustainably sourced...

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