Monday, July 27, 2015

ATHLETE FOODS-Packing Protein-Fancy Foods Show 2015 Part 1


THE amazing Fancy Foods Show 2015----is a delectable gorgethon---but as athletic types who would like to sweat it out-on the lighter side --- fortunately there were many nutritious, protein delivering products-often in portion controlled-single serve packaging = convenient, portable, and ounce per ounce-good for you.

Wonderful Pistachios-"Get Crackin'' 100 calorie packs so HANDY and satisfying. They're we know these are super fresh! Now available in Sweet Chili and no salt  flavors---options in bag sizes-sold all over the USA....

Nuts-particularly water intensive almonds (grown in California)---are on the 'it' list of nutritious musts...(right there with kale--- a later post)...our fav-easily-is the pistachio nut- grown in America too!

wholesalers get lucky-heaven-5 lb bags-by BAZZINI's 
Nutrition wise-a satisfying serving (about half cup with shells) has 160 calories-takes a while to eat too-can't just inhale these...on board/per serving---6 grams of protein, healthy fats, iron, potassium, thiamin, minerals like manganese, magnesium, copper-and phosphorous, plus Vitamins B6, A, and calcium. No wonder the trade group, the American Pistachio Growers Association
has so many pro athlete brand ambassadors.

Nature's Joy-a California purveyor pistachios -including re-sealable 100 calorie packs in shells+salted

We wrote up manly snacks from last year's Outdoor Retailer show-since then- this category (and media coverage there-of) has blown up-with new spices, styles of bites,  and kinds of shelf-stable meats ---available in protein packed -snack sized re-sealable pouches/bags-made in the USA too.

EPIC was at the Fancy Food Show with a slew of new made in the USA products...all serious protein packed, with iron+CLA + even some vitamins/minerals (varies per flavor).

EPIC...has a slew of chewy textured bites---pictured-sweet+savory Uncured Bacon (Pork+Sea Salt), currant and sesame BBQ spicy Chicken Meat, and uncured bacon- chia seeds and golden raisins Bison Meat-has a slight nutty/sea salty full flavor (celery seed+vinegar) according to our tester-aka a brother....who loves Bison products! Available online---and also available in snack pack sampler too.
ALL=Paleo friendly-sourced from animals-raised without growth hormones, or added antibiotics...on non-GMO feed.
as one can see-EPIC's understandable ingredients list, protein packed-9 grams at 100 calories. No wonder this food category has taken off. Also with iron, vitamin B12
the EPIC BARS...high protein snacks come in 9 flavors...including mild tart- spicy Chicken Sriracha...the 'it' pepper---on far right-others Chicken Sesame BBQ, Bison Bacon Cranberry, Uncured Bacon-with protein per ranging from 11-15 grams. Online 12 bars/$30-which is good price for power packed snack bars
VERMONT Real Sticks...gluten free, low fat and lower salt and way less sugar that  best selling sports bars kind of preservatives either-great for those allergic to sulfites...even has the name of its farm sources on the website
several flavors and sampler packs -available online
A woman founded- led business (KaiYen Mai)...FUSION JERKY-in re-sealable pouches (8 flavors) are a hit with our upstate hiking pals...high protein (9-10 grams/serving), richly-flavorably, layered levels of sophisticated spices, and made in the USA $6.99/3oz bag.
no nitrates, MSG or preservatives, Fusion Jerky is gluten free-PALEO friendly

Chipotle Lime Artisan Beef Jerky

Rosemary Citrus Artisan Turkey Jerky

8 flavors available online-pictured the 3 flavors our pals inhaled with cold beer post serious hike-including a chewy satisfying -Island Teriyaki Artisan Pork Jerky

Stuart & Co. Beef Jerky

Golden Valley USDA Organic Beef Jerky-gluten free, non-GMO certified-sourced from Idaho
NEW TREND: Fish Jerky

We saw-tasted Salmon Jerky from Ruby Bay ...and at the Editor Showcase...a western North Carolina, third generation owned Sunburst Trout Farms served up a tasty -salty/peppery -chewy Jennings' Trout Jerky-a serious protein source that non-meat eaters (and there are loads of 'em-hence we feel a new product category ready to sell well). 2oz/$6.99
Sunburst Trout-

 Another treat---caviar-is not sourced the way it used to be when we were kids...due to over-fishing---so now affordable, sustainable USA sources abound and are delicious...and of high quality.
   Sunburst Trout Caviar

SUNBURST Trout original ---but the blood orange and smoked are flavor-accurate too. Goes well with the bubbly...
BONUS-farm raised, certified lab tested free of PCB's, Mercury, or any pesticides, no antibiotics, hormone and animal by product free. They ship too...

We were so excited to see FORTE High Protein Gelato-on our way out on Day 2---on some random aisle-we kept the exhibitor there past the 6PM closing. Wanted a case delivered immediately as currently not sold where we shop (BUMMER)-and we want every flavor too. (Espresso, Vanilla -from real deal Fair Trade organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, Chocolate, Ginger-organic sourced). The protein 15 grams a serving/140-160 calories ---is made from rBST-free milk protein-delivers loads of calcium.  In fact, Forte Gelato has 5 times the protein of traditional gelato or ice cream -even more than Greek yogurt...per ounce comparison. WOW. 
fabulous Forte High Protein Gelato-is creamy, has rich will not feel deprived eating these--and each serving only has 2.5 grams of fat. FYI-founded by an entrepreneur who literally had serious health issues like few others-and was inspired to create healthy nutrition.

Forte Gelato...

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