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Premium Chocolates+Caramels Part 2 Exotic Flavors/Sustainable Sourcing


Solid chunks of fruits and nuts...and the coconut (joining sea salt)...are notable favorite additions in rich chocolates and sweet buttery amazing combo of chocolates and cocktails...a new trend!


AnnieB's specializes in  all natural, gluten-free Caramels...small batch made, couple owned- chewy buttery melt in your mouth treats -original flavor= so amazing-it got Oprah anointed!!!! Tasty additions include chocolate selections and the new tropical coconut favoring which paired perfectly well! FYI-the fabulous gourmet popcorn are great gifts. Packaged pictured...10 rolls/per $5
B. T McELRATH new premium- Prairie line of adventurous chocolate bars showed its 3 new socially responsible GMO free 2 ounce chocolate bars made from Fair-trade Certified chocolate...above-New Frontier 76% deep dark chocolate -intensifies the sweet acidity of organic black currants+ it of Tellicherry black...for chewy fruity spice taste-

creamy crunchy Marcona almonds, with hand crafted golden toffee bits and touch of sea salt,,,45% milk chocolate dark milk chocolate...

Prairie Girl has sweet toasted coconut toffee and Georgia pecans---blended into 72% organic fair-trade certified dark began with truffles for the modern age-in 1996!

Nelly's Energy Truffle Bars   (6 flavors) are very tasty mix of organic sustainable ingredients organic raw dates, organic raw cacao butter+powder, organic raw coconut oil, organic raw blue agave, and organic raw vanilla  chewy satisfying bar....without preservatives, additives or anything artificial...vegan+gluten free
"Real Food, Real Energy" company is an homage to the founder's mom....from the company website:
"About our Chocolate:  Chocolate with a cause
The Mission of Project Hope & Fairness, Inc. is to assist African cocoa farmers who suffer disproportionately from the inequities in the world cocoa trade with particular focus on the participation of chocolate producers and consumers in the United States. Our purposes will be achieved through the following three activities: promote the sustainability of African cocoa farmers through direct assistance (grants and in-kind contributions); educate American consumers about the realities of the world cocoa market and the inequities being suffered by African cocoa farmers in particular; and encourage producers of the world's cocoa products to adopt Fair Trade policies that will benefit African cocoa farmers."
good snack size Nelly's Energy Truffle Bar  (pictured double chocolate has intense chocolate flavor with rich coating-and touch of pink Himalayan salt)=vegan, gluten-free, and certified non-GMO
LAIMA... a Baltic based company with a long history of "Love"...lots of products offered-including box chocolates that come in theme+festive packages-and many flavors-bars too-these chocolate based treats are widely available.

Chocolate Asorti dark chocolates filled with fruit marmalade, milk pomade and cocoa cream

Guittard baking bars...

Guittard Chocolate Company- San Fran. based company- introduced its Collection Etienne products...the chocolate bars (pictured below) have four new tasty blends...and are Fair Trade Certified, non-GMO, and soy free...and all the cacao beans are sustainably sourced.
oui oui---Soleil d'Or 38% Milk Chocolate, what we tried-Soleil d"Automne 45% Cacao Milk Chocolate...chocolate base with crème fraiche dairy notes+caramel apple top notes, L'Harmonie 64% Cacao Semi Sweet Chocolate, and intensely Épique 70% Cacao Bittersweet chocolate with notes of spicy coconut $4.99/2.65 oz

resealable bags...USDA Organic Baking Wafers in small batches-for the home baker, 

Of course...chocolate and wine=divine! Gearharts Pod & Vine uses Virginia wines and fine dark chocolates. 9 pieces/$20

Gearharts Miso Caramels...are salty sweet chewy and interestingly delicious! Distinctive pairing that works.

JER'S Circles (above) and new Groupies (below)---all natural, premium quality from a San Diego based company 
Groupies -richly satisfying chewy crunchy clusters of whole nuts, premium chocolate and all natural flavor...Dark Chocolate Coconut Cashews, Dark Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt, Milk Chocolate Peanuts with Sea Salt, and Milk Chocolate Almonds and Blueberries...

Lake Champlain Chocolates---from Vermont offered some of the first gourmet, high-end USA based chocolates we became aware of...established in 1984...and now widely available. Bonus Points: Still sourcing non-GMO sustainable chocolates, using organic ingredients, and establishing long term relationships -Social and Fair Trade Certified...
PICTURED. the Jubilees-a line of organic chocolates (USDA Organic) of top performing classics (3 flavors) in a holiday ready, festive foil wrapped pieces. $13.99 

Blue Bandana Chocolate Bars are micro-batch chocolate bars that celebrate a true place of taste...made from scratch, using cacao beans and pure organic sugar. A new take -business model-from Lake Champlain Chocolates...began with a visit to a cocoa farm-and since 2012-these bars use beans- directly sourced!
Blue Bandana Chocolates

Look familiar???? We cruised by this booth-and thought of William Sonoma's signature peppermint chocolate!!!! From Salem Baking
Celtic Sea Salt,,,one of ten flavors

WHO KNEW- Montana has a award winning caramel company---Béquet Caramel is hand crafted in small batches from cream and butter.
10 flavors...including a spicy sweet Chipolte and sweet fruity tart Green Apple....made with sweeter tapioca syrup snd is certified gluten free...a SOFTI ward winner and finalist!!!
joining a growing trend-non-GMO sourced ingredients

Marie Belle is a NYC institution-a SOHO based gourmet chocolatier ---who lucky us...decided to show and tell their fabulously rich chocolates at a fashion event in NYC!... The designs are so chic- the founder is a Parson's School o Design grad...who clearly learned her lessons.
VALOR Chocolates are from Spain...amazingly sugar free chocolates are sweetened with Stevia (and Maltitol). We tried the dark chocolate and give it two thumbs up. Here's hoping it gets retailed here!

Valor controls the entire production process from coco bean selection, roasting and refining its unique mnufacturling process...which reminds us of that country's other success story-ZARAs


Perhaps the most unusual (adventurous) truffles ever---are courtesy of Portland based, Moonstruck Chocolate...

Creative chef-artisan chocolatier Julian Rose-a Montreal native...graciously gave us the 411 on this "confectionary envelope pushing" trio -dubbed the Savory Mushroom Collection-of Fig & Hot Curry Savory Truffles,  Porcini & Chili Bacon and Savory Truffles and Tomato & Basil Savory Truffles...

A lot of trial = error...the results=the hot Indian spice curry and sweet natural fig seeds-in fig paste-deftly paired with a mushroom cap of smooth hazelnut praline... rich tomato paste and fragrant chopped basil-with tart acid sweetness of white chocolate, and earthy meatiness of porcini and natural bacon smoke and a touch of ancho+ chipotle chili peppers---in chocolate-for a little bit of heat. Upshot-all bold and uniquely flavorful--- we tried the first two...and are wowed by how well balance the seemingly opposite sensory tastes are. Rest assured-these are still truffles with rich chocolate richness shining through!!!

at a recent event we couldn't stay for the pairings of inventive cocktails paired -truffles...pictured above, the flavorings...
Fun-mushroom shaped truffles paired with cocktail...Ancho Chili Mimosa-Fig with Hot Curry Mushroom Truffle

Basil Spritzer with Tomato and Basil Mushroom Truffle

The Salted Bourbon -Porcini Mushroom / Smoked Bacon Flavored Chili Truffle

Available boxes and many holiday theme chocolates...AND...

Five Moonstruck Cafes-  Oregon destinations.

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