Monday, August 24, 2015

CONVENIENT EATS: Part 2 Fancy Foods Show 2015



Frozen foods (including tantalizing seasonings-like Darégal Herbs)...are modern day forms of culinary achievement---certainly waaay improved since so last century's TV Dinners. Ditto-packaged meals-mixes-requiring adding a few basics.

At the Fancy Foods Show-there was lots of frozen foods and mixes-readily available-that are gourmet delicious-entreés and side dishes, (and desserts+breads-later post), --- made with real ingredients and happily-serving up ethnic, spicy, exotic international flavors-and often-gluten-non-GMO, organic eats-  that Americans love...and buy. Always key.

Some Appetizer, Main+Side Dish Highlights:

LUMPIA-similar to a Chinese spring rolls filled with chicken and/or vegetables---from Kusina-gluten-free selections.

Asian flavors are huge---from Ramar Foods: Kusina- Filipino style frozen appetizers are crispy  flavorful bites of signature Philippine  tastes-which are wonderful fusions of cuisines -reflecting who lived on that island-Malay, Chinese, Spanish, Indian and native Philippines.  FYI: Kusina= “kitchen” in Tagalog
We had a bite of  Kusina Vegetable Spring Rolls...crispy delish and a time saver...pop one in a toaster oven-makes a filling snack with yam, sweet potato, cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, and onions-spiced up (but not hot). Available coast to coast...

lost in translation-def. attention getting...from Fleury Michon a huge selling French company---which showed off several frozen food options that are up to French standards of tastes. Balls In Box=beef and potatoes-with sweet bbq-appetizer puffs. 3 other flavors available

Fleury Michon---entreés, snacks, +chaccuterie-plus gluten free options, kid friendly meals.

there is something about winter mountain sports that beg for après ski fondue (and our fav-raclette)...from EMMI-just heat it up and dip -in the box-swiss cheese+white wine+kirsch plus spices...

 ROLAND specialty food products are sold everywhere food is sold- just about...canned-glass jar foods are convenient...and we personally devour Hearts of Palms...other mainstream and international vegetables and favorable salads -ready to the lid-and an easy way to dress up chopped lettuce. 
CookSimple=are meal kits we really like-with side dishes or the main event (eight choices, each just add a few key ingredients like protein, fresh or canned tomatoes...)--all with pronounceable innovative ingredients, on-trend grains and best selling flavors- made easy for healthy eating (think vegan, ---and nut, dairy, soy,gluten free options) vs what else is available in that dreaded 'grocery ghetto aisle' to quote the CEO and Founder Keith Lauver from a press release we got. Idiot proof...pictured above entire´s Jambalaya and Southwestern Tamale Pie $4.99 per

UMPQUA-single serve oatmeal with real added ingredients like almonds, chia or sunflower seeds and sweetened up with New England Maple not sugar, dried blueberries etc-not exactly low low calorie (300 per)...but favorable and for picky kids...worthy way to get them to eat breakfast. For us -this equals a snack...add hot water put lid back on and wait...but we dumped it in a  deep bowl for  one minute of nuking-no spillover to clean up. High in protein too-7 grams- in  the Maple Pecan flavor. Non-GMO, Gluten Free and no artificial stuff.

HAAA-LOVE a comparison-Umpqua Oats-with  Blueberry, Cranberry and Sunflower seeds-in the Kick Start flavor on the left..."Bigger, Thicker, Tastier" vs Quaker Oats Blueberry Hazelnut...seeing is believing. 
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